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Hey everyone! meeting tomorrow(tues) afternoon for coffee and park. message me if you need details...
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just tuned in

Hi everyone,
I've just started exploring these boards and saw this thread. I'm in Prospect Heights, near Flatbush, and am also looking for new moms to meet up with. I've posted a similar request on PSP and might get together with another mom this week. If anyone is interested in joining us somewhere near Flatbush, please respond here.
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Just wanted to let everyone know there's a nursing toddlers (10 months and up) La Leche League meeting on Oct. 23rd on Prospect Park Southwest, if anyone wants to go, and a general meeting on Oct 29th in Windsor Terrace...
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I'm interested! I'm near East NY not far from Flatbush - I'll PM too to see if anything is going on.
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Hi everyone!

For those of you who don't already know, Ike arrived October 9th! Thus my month and a half long hiatus from the boards. Finally getting a handle on things again... I want to see if we can have a meet up in the next week. Anyone in for this Friday or Monday afternoon?
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No Vax friendly pediatrician

I am looking for a good pediatrician for a friend of mine. She lives in Brooklyn. Her baby is 1 month old and her current Dr is giving her a hard time about not vaxing.
she has medicaid for the baby.
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Let's try this again...

How about Tuesday the 2nd or Wednesday the 3rd? Anyone?

I'd also love to know of a good pediatrician that is no/slow vax cooperative.
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congratulations! welcome baby ike! how is it going?

i'm in town this week and would be up for coffee/tea the 2nd or 3rd but am then heading out of town for a couple weeks.

let me know!

i'm also thinking about switching pediatricians because of vax'ing. i go to a practice with two doctors (or rather i've been once since we moved here, on a friend's recommendation) and supposedly one is more gentle/open and the other is more "no nonsense" and i've only seen the "no nonsense" doctor and am not a fan (after she told me i'd waited too long to train my daughter to sleep and i'd have to go home and let her cry it out as soon as possible : and made me feel irresponsible for not giving her the MMR at 12 months because I didn't realize there was a measles outbreak...)

if anyone has another recommendation, i'd love to hear it!
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Bummer about your pediatrician, it's such a mixed experience. You take your baby in because you want to take care of them, but care isn't always what you get. Our doc has been fine, but nothing more--pretty tow the line and out of touch.

But Ike is great! We are taking him to meet grandparents for the holidays. Challenges are stacking up with that, but it will be fun. And we're hoping to meet you all before next year!

So... lets do Wednesday afternoon. Can anyone else make it?
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Awww... wish I was in Brooklyn.. sounds like fun, my baby boy just made 10 weeks.
BTW.. I am still looking for expectant moms who are open to me observing their births so I can become a certified child birth educator. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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I wish I could do Wednesday, but my parents are here from out of town. We have a pediatrician who we really like, but we haven't broached the subject of vaxes with her yet. My MW gave me her name and I think they practice is supposed to be no-vax/delayed vax-friendly, but I can't speak from personal experience. PM me if you'd like details.

Would love to make the next meetup! Sorry I have to miss this one.
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Just wanted to let everyone know there are two La Leche League meetings this week in Windsor Terrace. Wednesday the 16th is for all ages and Thursday the 17th is for nursing toddlers. PM me for details if you're interested!

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Hi, is this thread still going?

Count me in for meet-ups please!

My LO is 1 month old and we are ready to play.

(BTW Mr Forbes nice to see you on here, I'd love to meet your baby!)
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