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I stopped working at around 28-ish weeks, IIRC. No one told me to stop working, but it just felt right. I am/was a psychologist & felt like I had to have a planned stopping time with my patients; I was not planning to return to work so to just suddenly stop one week was not acceptable. I work with kids, so while it was an office job, there was a lot of up and down and a fair amount of activity. I could have worked longer, though. I was never on bedrest. Never had contractions (ever for that matter -- had a C-section at 37 weeks because of preeclampsia and a breech presentation in twin A.) No cervical shortening. I was just tired. Took a 2 hour nap everyday and couldn't really think toward the end. I love to read and I didn't a single book those last 10 weeks. All I did was gestate.

If you have the kind of job where you don't need a planned in advance stopping time and it's not physically strenuous, just go with how you feel. Check in honestly with yourself about whether you're doing too much.
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woops, one should not post when one is running on no sleep! Wrong thread!
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I stopped at 31.5 weeks. I could have gone longer but the drive (55 miles each way) was giving me contractions. Not sure if it was that it was a manual or the bumps in the road or what. My Dr. gave me the option to stop working at 28 weeks also, I think that is the standard for Dr.'s with multiple pregnancy. I went up until my scheduled c-section 38 weeks, without ever having a real contraction. I remember I was not working but I felt pretty good...other than the terrible itching on my stretchmarks, I think I've blocked that out until I see the 10 different kinds of anti-itch creams in the closet my dh bought me.
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I started working half days probably around 29 weeks just because I was so tired. Then I ended up delivering at 32 weeks so it didn't last long.
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I have a desk job, though I do have to walk down hallways and carry heavy files. I cut back on hours at 34 weeks, and meant to stop working altogether at 36. Ended up having a couple of babies at exactly 36 weeks. My boss started walking down to MY office around 33 weeks though, and carrying those files himself!
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