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Pediatric allergist vs. pediatric dermatologist

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I visited our family doctor yesterday with the intention of getting a referral to a pediatric allergist. I came away with a referral to a pediatric dermatologist and a prescription for a steroid cream.

My impression is that a dermatologist would help us treat the symptoms, whereas an allergist would help us determine the causes of the eczema.

Would you all agree? I may have to go back and be a bit more clear about what I want....
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I don't know in my experience the allergists don't really want to do much beyond basic allergy testing..
You may very well be better off with the dermatologist.
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Hmm - good point.

I called back and it turns out that she did give me a referral for an allergist after all. I think I'll stick with that for the moment... I would like to know if there are any environmental allergies at work here too.
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I agree an allergist should be consulted. The pp is correct though, sometimes they can't help a lot. Also, do not be surprised is either or both of them are hesitant to look at dietary connections/ causes.
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are there any other symptoms besides eczema? Eczema can be from IgE (allergist) or IgG (intolerance) causes. If the response is IgE, then an allergist can help you identify the causes. If not, and it's an IgG response, then a gastroenterologist is what you want. I don't know that a dermatologist will get you anywhere. I've been to 2 allergists (no help) and 2 gastroenterologists (good help), no dermatologists.
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FWIW - you may want to check specifically what type of things they will test for. I found out the derm would test for perfumes, chemicals, etc. The ENT allergist tested for environmental allergens (molds, pollens, dander, etc).
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Thanks for the replies. I have gotten the referral changed so that we are seeing an allergist. I had not considered a gastroenterologist but certainly seems to make sense. I'll bug our family doctor about it.

Dd's current symptoms are eczema (moderate to severe in spots) and extreme restlessness at night.

She has had problems with wheezing since birth, but has been fine all summer. She did get pneumonia last spring and was in the hospital for it. We'll see how her lungs are this fall/winter.

We are a fairly atopic family (I have allergies, ds is allergic to pennicillin, my mom has allergies, dh's family have allergies) so she comes by it honestly!

We're in Canada, and it can takes months for the referral to happen, so in the meantime we are continuing with the elimination diet to see if I can narrow down some triggers.
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