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Gagging on food...

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Am I the only one who can't swallow bread or anything of a thicker consistancy without gagging?

I love bread. : Like crazy love it.

But the last week, when I try to eat it, it gets to the back of my throat and gags me.

Is it my imagination? LOL
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It's pretty normal to have a more sensitive gag reflux during the first trimester. Brushing my teeth is the worst for me but food doesn't seem to bother me, I can't brush the roof of my mouth or my tongue for pretty much my entire pregnancy without gagging.
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Good thing....I thought I was going nutty for a minute. lol
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High gagging reflex here too. I love food. Seriously love it and I can't eat. I force a few crackers and some cheese, but, brothy soup goes down the best. Food I normally love, pizza, cinnamon rolls, desserts.....all sit in my house. Uneaten. It's pathetic really.

I tried to eat cantelope, pineapple, couldn't do more than two 1 inch square pieces. After that I gag. Then likely puke up the little I did get down. Ahh I figure if I have good luck at all this will change in a couple weeks:
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Yup, I gag on just about everything, especially if it has a strong smell. Just walking in a room where people are eating or cooking or there is trash is enough to make me gag. Heck, even some gross SOUNDS make my stomach turn.
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