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Downstairs neighbors, noise, vent

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Ok so my downstairs neighbors crank on the music every night starting at 10 PM. Somehow i fall asleep. At about 2 Am they get really loud again and wake me up. I have not gotten a solid nights sleep siince i moved here a month ago. i am so annoyed. I just went downstairs and finally said something. she said " well i work nights, and you guys wake me up in the morning so somewhere we will have to find a balance" i was shocked. I said, my 6 yo has to go to school in the morning, i cant change his schedule." She said "fair enough" and turned the music down a *little*.

I hate confrontation, and i am all shakey now. I hate bad neigbors. They also smoke inside and it comes up here. I want to say something to the landlords but i fear retaliation

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Working nights doesn't mean you get to keep your neighbors awake too. I'd complain to the landlord or management company or whatever. Most likely your lease includes something about noise level or quiet enjoyment or some such.
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I'd definitely complain to the manager about it. Beyond that... If it's loud enough that you can hear it outside (rather than just coming up through your floor), you may want to call the police. Most places have a noise ordinance.
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That stinks. I know what you mean about feeling shaky and awful after a confrontation. I'm the same way.

When I was in a situation like yours, I went out to Target and spent about $15 on a box fan that I kept in my room. When that fan was on it drowned out all of my loud neighbors and my roommate with a big soft gentle "hummmmmmmmmmmm" noise. It really saved me a lot of sleepless nights.
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Can you call the police? most areas have noise ordinances.
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I had the same problem too My neighbors were Techno DJ's and the bass at night was unbelievable. We tried talking with them, when that didn't work we resorted to calling the police.
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I just wanted to commiserate, stirringleaf. I had partying, music-blasting neighbors for years, and it's really a PITA!

Good for you for trying to work it out with your neighbor first, but with her nasty attitude, I would just call the police every night that she's blasting her music. That's what we had to do with our old neighbors.

Look up your municipal noise ordinance and see if there's a time at night after which people are expected to keep it down. In my city you can be fined hundreds of dollars if you repeatedly violate the noise ordinance.

I also use a fan to drown out some of the neighborhood noise, and it really helps--but it doesn't cover up the thumping bass of loud music.
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