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M/S getting worse

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Ugh! I'm 11w and it's getting worse??? I had horrid m/s for weeks and then had a bit of a reprieve last week. Not only is it back, it's worse than before! I have this strange feeling that the universe expects me to be happy about it b/c when I had less m/s I also had three days of spotting. I'm SO grateful that the spotting stopped, but now I can't even brush my teeth w/out getting sick, and cooking is back to being impossible.

I'm having a lot of trouble believing that this is going to go away in the 2nd tri.
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Sorry you're feeling so sick, Mama. My M/S is here as well, just like my first two pregnancies. I'm going to take another round of morning sickness magic pills and hope.
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my m/s is worse now too and I'm 12 weeks
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12 weeks, two days here, and getting worse! I also felt better a week or so ago, I think maybe I tried to do too much with the little bit of extra energy. so I'm back to taking afternoon naps, and am doing a little better. Luckily DH is on vacation this week. Well, its lucky for me, he isn't getting much rest.
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mine was almost gone for three days and is now back. and im not sleeping at night more than three hours. with working full time and caring for dd almost by myself, im exhausted! my dd has been eating junk because i can only stand infront of the stove for 15 min at a time before i feel gross. i dont think i had the ms this long with dd- im sort of worried its either not going to go away, or its going to take a while. blah!
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One of my biggest issues is cooking too. I feel really bad for DH and my kids b/c I just can not cook meals like they are used to. My sister has been picking up our CSA veggies for more than a month now b/c I can't even prep the veggies.
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I had a few good day then yesterday was horrid, today has been fine so far as well. I'm not cooking at all though.
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yup. i'm better in the mornings, but it saves itself all up for late afternoon/evening and then i am MISERABLE from around 3-8. it would continue to be horrible after 8 but i force myself to go to sleep so i can just be unconscious and not have to feel sick.
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