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Any use for a grain grinder off the farm?

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Would grinding my own grains carry any benefit, assuming I'm not actually growing these grains? I live on 1/4 acre, so there won't be grain growing here.

Are there other uses for a grain grinder I should consider?

Is buying unground grain cheaper?

I've heard of people "loving" their grinders, but not sure what they are using them for.
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My DH is a homebrewer and has been wanting to get into brewing beer from whole grains instead of using malt. I've been looking at grain grinders for him.

Probably a more specific use than you were looking for.
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We are planning on buying a grain mill soon. Unground grains can be kept a LOT longer than ground. Ground also starts to lose nutrients after some time.

Plus grain mills can often be used in processing other foods.
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Fresh ground flour is much more nutritious and smells wonderful! Flour from the store doesn't smell like much at all.
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I would personally love a grain grinder, as would DH. This is making me think about it as a family christmas present. I don't think it would be an everyday thing for us, but I know we would make a good time of grinding grain and baking.
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Try posting on the nutrition forum, you'll get lots of answers there.

But I've never grown my own grains, and yet I do appreciate my grain mill. You can look up statistics that say that freshly ground grains are much more nutritious than flour that has been sitting on a store shelf for months. Also, when you grind your own you get ALL of the grain. Even 100% whole wheat flour you buy from the store has part of the wheat kernel removed (grr... can't remember which part, the hull?)
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We grind our own grain for all of our flour, and its great, the flour is much better tasting and better for you. We buy all of our grains in bulk at the local food co-op and than store them and only grind what we need, this way is definitely cheaper than buying pre-milled flour.
the one thing to look out for is that you grind it fine enough, if you don't the gluten isn't accessible enough to let bread rise when you bake and you can get thicker and flatter breads than you would otherwise.
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There are lots of benefits. If you go over to the Traditional Foods forum you can find lots of info on this. I recently purchased a coffee grinder 'cause I can't afford a grain mill and I like it a lot!
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I have two cast iron "food choppers", one of which I tried this morning to grind Kamut, without much success. Anyone else used these for grinding grains?
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What about if you are gluten free? I'm going to start baking bread, would it still be better to grind my own grains? I'm thinking it would at least cost less since I can buy grains in the bulk bins at the hfs.
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