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night feeding twins

I'm reflecting into the past, as my twins are 3.5 and no longer nursing and for the most part, sleep without waking me at night. When they were small, I would nurse them to sleep using the EZ2 nurse pillow. They would go to sleep in thier crib, swaddled. When the first baby woke up at some point in the night, my husband brought both boys to me on the nursing pillow. He would take both back to their bed when finished. Asleep until next waking, when both boys would get up again. We did this to minimize the number of wakings, figuring that if one was up we might as well feed both.

When the boys were older, but I can't remember how much older, I would get the baby that was crying, nurse lying down, and cosleep with that baby until the other woke up. At that time, I either gave first baby to my husband to cuddle, or took first baby back to bed and nursed the other.

I don't know if that rambling memory will help you, but it's what worked for us.
Enjoy your twins.
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Originally Posted by maxymum View Post
i hear swaddling works wonders. i never swaddled(but omg, that photo ALMOST makes me want newborns again!) . . . .
That picture is so cute! It's how my boys look RIGHT NOW as they are lying alone on my bed, swaddled in two Miracle Blankets (only ours are natural with green trim and green with natural trim. We also have a pair that are blue with green, green with blue. Because I have to be able to use a pair while the others are in the laundry.) My twins are 9 weeks old and have to be swaddled to get good naps, too. (As I discovered today, after just giving it a try to let them go without swaddling for the convenience of it.)

They nursed great and usually do fine with being drowsy after unlatching, and dozing off. They had been out and about with me this morning and didn't get great naps in (catnaps only) so I thought they'd be likely to crash easily. But I didn't swaddle them, and they woke up after maybe 6 minutes. I grabbed the first one and the second one stayed asleep, but woke a few minutes later. I think it's the flailing arms. I had to break down, go get the Miracle Blankets from the clean laundry, swaddle them, then nurse them again and get them drowsy....and they've been asleep 5 hours and counting.

It's a miracle.

I feel like they spend a lot of time swaddled, though. Pretty much every time I think they're going to be going to sleep, I wrap them up. Half the time, I take their cues and unswaddle them and let them play. But on the occasions that they do crash out, having them swaddled from the get-go always is better.

Anyway, that picture is a lot like how they look when they are bundled up together on my bed.

I typically nurse them when they wake up, and it's almost always (and definitely preferably) individually. Sometimes it's hellish and it's a marathon of nursing around the clock. But usually, one twin sleeps for longer stretches and I nurse his brother once in between his wakings. Last night, I did actually wake one twin (the long stretch sleeper) because he just hadn't woken up (I'd nursed his brother twice) and my breast was hard and leaking when I turned slightly in bed (and I NEVER, NEVER leak.) I think he slept almost 9 hours without waking.

I had heard the "wake one up when the other wakes" thing, and during the day we've moved toward tandeming almost every time (except when it's one waking from a nap before the other....then I get the luxurious solo feeds!), but I'm happy NOT to tandem at night. If I had to do so for sanity's sake, I would, though. If it got to be more practical ALL the time to tandem at night, I guess I'd have to.
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