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I roared through pushes in my homebirth--we closed the windows so the neighbors wouldn't hear. And I was hoarse afterward. But it was what my body told me to do--I don't think I could have stopped if I'd tried.
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I'm a very quiet birther. I always felt like it took more out of me to be vocal.

Same when I'm sick. It's like it fold in on myself to cope and heal.
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i don't remember making any noise while pushing. I was breathing the baby down slowly to prevent tearing.

I made moaning noises 6 cm + I even tried swearing once to see if it eased some tension... Nope didn't work. So for the most part i kept quiet after that.
I remember saying, "Ican't do this. ican't do this." while in transition. thats about it.
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Originally Posted by Turquesa View Post
I sounded like an injured cow.
I thought I was the only one who sounded like a cow mooing in pain during the pushing stage.

Most of my labor was fine -- a breeze. Transition was more difficult -- I reallyreally had to focus, and entered lalalalaland.

Then the urge to push came, and I couldn't believe the primal noises I made. It was surreal. I sounded like a cow, and initially didn't realize the sounds were coming out of my mouth.
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I was louder during my labors than the actual births. For me pushing gives me something to focus on and my cx's don't seem to hurt as bad at that point. With dd there were a handful of screams and lots of moaning and stuff during labor. During pushing I was grunting from the effort. With ds I was doing a lot of screaming during labor. Quite a bit of grunting during pushing. He was a couple of pounds bigger than dd and needed alot of help coming out from the MW, so she had her arm inside me for the latter part of labor and delivery. But both my babes were born naturally at the birth center.

I felt so ashamed of how loud I was so this thread makes me feel better about it. I thought for sure I would have an easier time coping with the pain with my second but his birth was much harder for me.
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I'm the same as K&JsMaMa. With any kind of pain, if I get to the point that I'm not just quiet and still and closed-eyed I'm at the point that I can no longer deal.
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Originally Posted by purplemoon View Post
During transition I started saying "OHHHHHHHHH!" and it just felt better. It wan't a scream, just felt nice to do. During pushing I screamed from effort, but I was at a hospital so they told me to stop. During the ring of fire I screamed that it burns and I wasn't going to push anymore. And I didn't, my body did.
Those damn nurses....DS1 was a hospital birth and the nurse told me and DH that I needed to "Be quiet because there was a woman in labor next door who was "disturbed" by my screaming because she had previously lost a baby" Well I'm so sorry that happened lady, but that has no bearing on how *I* am going to birth! It was ridiculous....and they never did get me to stop screaming, even with all of the drugs and the epi.
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Enough that my throat was hoarse for a day.
Fortunately, my midwife kept reminding me to put my chin down and use lower tones so I don't hurt my throat. I did opera for a few minutes there and I don't care how much of the hospital heard it--baby was quite stuck but 3.5 hours of pushing, unmedicated, & knowing that I'd be wheeled in for a c-section very soon if baby stayed stuck...so I was quite LOUD. And happy. It didn't "hurt" like I expected actually.
What hurt was afterwards due to stitches etc. but not the actual birth. It was intense, and the intensity made me yell and feel better. I guess it wasn't "screaming" just being very, very loud. But it's the same thing in martial arts, you send your energy to your centre with vocalisation, and that's just what I did (loudly ).
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I'm pretty quiet right up to the pushing stage - then I'd say I get medium loud. More grunting, pushing with the occasional F#CK thrown in for good measure!

Luckily, I push really efficiently, so this part is over in 5 or 10 minutes (probably just jinxed my next birth )
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oh man. i screamed and yelled like a crazy person. whatever it takes, though, right? this last time i kept telling dp to help me. like, "HEELLLLLLLLLLLLP MEEEEEEEEE!" lol.
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I grunted a lot and kept everything in the low register, until his little chin popped through. I remember a blinding white light at that ultimate moment and not much else until I looked down and saw it was a boy. My DP tells me that I was grunting loudly but made a loud very high pitched squeal when he came out.
FAst intense labor, active for a few hours, transition in less that one, pushed for a few minutes.
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My labor was super quick--under 3 hours, first time mom, and I was expecting 12 hours or so. I started the involuntary grunts which made me realize I was starting to push, though I was still in denial (lucky DH knew differently), but didn't really make any noise until he crowned. I listened to my OB and pushed through the ring of fire rather than eased him out, and I let off two high pitched screams as I tore. Not so pleasant... but DH is the one who is scarred by the noise.
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Pushing I was totally silent during the ctx though that was another story
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Um... lots? I moaned, groaned, talked, you name it. I remember trying to keep my moaning low pitched and I think I did a good job of it.
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The family across the street heard me pushing. The mama across the street told me later she was going to call 911 until she realized the noises sounded 'familier'.
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"Roaring" is definitely the right word. Totally involuntary. It was nice and low, though. My throat was still sore for a couple days (kinda like really good sex, just more so). Totally worth it.
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Originally Posted by Sparks* View Post
I screamed really loud. I'll never forget my husband saying "ggrrrrr you're a tiger!...be a mean mad tiger!" I guess I sounded like I was roaring
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mine all came out quickly with a couple pushes. For the 2 unmedicated ones, I screamed my head off.
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I was a hypnobirther, so none. With Spencer, I pushed for an hour and a half. No one counted out loud or anything. They gave me encouragement to get 2 or 3 pushes with eact CTX and let me know how I was doing, but that was it. When he crowned I said, "OK, now THAT hurt." My mom made more noise than I did.

With Colin, I made a few low moans during the four hours I was stuck in transition. Then I got an epi, and pushed him out in less than four minutes. After the first push, I said, "Damn - I could do this all day!" But I didn't have to! He came right on out - no tears or anything.
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I didn't scream or yell, but I cried like a baby from about six cm all the way through crowning and pushing. Mostly because I was shocked at the overwhelming 'feeling' of it. Not just the pain, the actual physical sensation was shocking.
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