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bowie area playmate for 15mo DS

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I'm pretty sure my almost 16mo DS is getting sick of playing with mommy all the time. I never seem to be able to make it to the scheduled playgroups for one reason or another. My DS adores other children. Anyone in the bowie/annapolis area with LO around his age looking for another playmate, please let me know. I live in glenn dale but am willing to do a little traveling or to host (we have plenty of toys, inside and out, we have dogs but they are outside and can be locked up if the LOs playoutside). Let me know!
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Hi! I am in the T-section of Bowie. I have a 23month old son. Do you consider that close in age?
another place to try would be NAP...are you familiar with them?
and if you are nursing, the toddler La Leche Meetings in Annapolis.
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Hi Erika, I think you PMed me before but I accidentally deleted it and couldn't remember your username. I don't think thats too old at all, my DS loves to hang out with kids of all ages (he loves his 2.5yo and 5yo niece and nephew) so let me know if you'd like to get together sometime. I'm on NAP- those are the playgroups I usually don't end up making but I'm gonna make a point to try. And I was just on the LLL website last night so I'll have to make an effort to go to that as well. Definitely let me know though, we'd love to hang out!
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we'll PM you soon after i can look over my calendar!
i remember thinking i was going to try to make the next AA playdate for NAP and that it was coming up, but i need to check the date on that too.
catch ya later, erika
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