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hey alaskans

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How are all of you alaskans doing! We left in june around the 20th! I just wanted to come by and say hi! Claire how are you feeling? I miss seeing you . Georgia is ok but I do miss alaska some, as hard as it was for me there . I think the main and major problem was the winter/darkness and summer wasnt enough sun or long enough for me. I have felt a lot better mentally and physically since I have been back in the lower 48 for the most part but I hate the heat HATE IT! I hope everyone is well!
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Hi. I am originally from GA, moved to AK in '99. I left the south primarily because of the heat. But I am jealous - you have a southern October coming. October & April in Georgia are two of the best things on this planet. Enjoy them! If you can, get up to the mountains. Okefenokee is amazing in late fall (November). Applachicola FL is great then too, although probably to cool to swim.

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My air force friend moved from North Pole to Valdosta Georgia last year.

You Military wives are so brave!

Are you coming back???
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Hey Jes! Doing well, thanks
You know, this was a good summer to NOT be here- dreary! no sun! : Sorry you're feeling the heat in GA, I can't handle it either, but think of all that great vitamin D you're getting down there- very good for you!
Glad you're feeling better there overall. Kids settling in ok?
take care!
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god! It's 90 here in Cali! I'm so looking forward to going back home!
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