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TN vax exemptions??

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Does anyone know if you can exempt from just certain vaxes in TN? Where we moved from it was all or nothing. I just want to know before filling out the school paperwork. If we can selectively exempt, that reflects our specific beliefs better.
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Tennessee only has religious and medical exemption. I imagine it's hard to selectively claim religious objection to some vaccinations but not others.
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Nope -- TN is an all or nothing state. If you claim the religious exemption you have to claim that you are opposed to the practice of immunization. And it can be your personal religious belief -- you don't have to belong to a certain denomination or anything like that.
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There is always the option of claiming the religious exemption (which I do) and simply not turn in your child's vaccination form with it. We are non-vaxers now, but my oldest DD was selectively vaccinated her first year. I just don't offer the information that she has had any done.
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we claimed total religious exemption in Florida. But I recall a friend religiously objecting to just the CP when we lived in TN before, so I thought maybe we could do the same with the couple of shots we'd need exemptions for. I hate the all or nothing rule.
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IMO there are no good vaccines, none give immunity and none are safe! I would err on the side of caution and go with None over ALL. Keep researching and you will be glad that you chose to get your religious exemption in place. God only knows how many more they will add to the program over the next few years and how many more children will be harmed!!!
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no offense, but I've researched quite a bit and am comfortable with our schedule, which is a selective and delayed one. And I can justify the ones we exempt within the framework of my religious beliefs. Which is why I am wondering if in TN one can say for instance: "The administration of any medication or vaccine developed, derived from or containing human fetal tissue or any DNA material that has been modified from it's naturally occurring form conflicts with our religious and moral beliefs. I request my children be exempted from such preventative treatments."

In Florida you had to specifically object to the administration of vaccines, in otherwords, you couldn't be opposed to specific ones, just to vaccination. I've read the TN law and it's not so clear to me that I can't just object to certain ones. Really the only ones I need waivers for are the MMR and the HEP B because I will certify that my girls have had CP and they've gotten all the other shots required for school entrance.
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(this is not legal advice, blah, blah, blah)

DH is an attorney and he reads the statute as meaning that the religious exemption must apply to all immunizations required by the state for school/day care/ etc. I argued with him that the statute was not clear, but he said in legalese, it is clear. There are no exceptions mentioned. It has been a while since I looked at the shot record/immunization form required by the schools but I seem to remember the religious exemption statement says something along the lines of "all immunizations."

It is frustrating that parents have to jump through hoops like this.
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