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I don't remember how far ahead I measured at the end -- I think 52 cm at 37 weeks, but I am not totally sure.

I did not need a seatbelt extender. I just showed a bit of belly at the end when I had to leave the house. Not pretty.

I rarely tandem nursed in public when it was unavoidable, i.e. on an airplane and a few times when they were toddlers. Too much breast showing for my comfort.

About preemie clothing, I did not buy any. My ultrasounds at the end were way way way off. Said one was 7 lbs & one was 8 lbs. The 7-lb-er was only 4-1/2, so she needed preemie clothes for a while. My Mom bought some and she also contacted her local Mother of Twins Club and they had a lending closet, so that's how we got preemie clothes. My Mom wasn't a member and they just handed her the clothes. My MOTC has a preemie closet, too. I was just too busy trying to nurse and recover from a C-section to contact them. They were definitely needed. Fiona was tall and skinny and was swimming in the preemie clothes. Even my 6-1/2 pound baby needed preemie clothes for a few weeks. Heck, my 10 lb singleton wore a preemie outfit his first few days.

Congrats & may you have a nice, uncomplicated 40 week pregnancy!
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how far "ahead" did you measure?

10 weeks - 14 cm
20 weeks - 30 cm
28 weeks - 38 cm
39 weeks - 52 cm

what did you do for maternity clothes at the end?

My husband is 6'4", and I am 5'4", so during the middle of my pregnancy I wore a couple of his short-sleeved button-down shirts - they were long enough to go over my belly. At the end ALL I could wear were dresses.

did you end up needing a seatbelt extension?

Since you should wear your seat belt under your belly, and the shoulder belt over your belly, you should be able to go without an extension, if you didn't need one before. My problem was that I couldn't drive at the end, because by the time the seat was back far enough for me to get behind the wheel, my short legs couldn't reach the pedals.

did you buy/aquire premie clothes before your twins were born?

No, and it's a good thing I didn't - my babies weighed 8 pounds each at birth.

did you tandem nurse in public?

No, but I didn't go out much with them. I tandem nursed at home all the time, but I never figured out how to do so discreetly. Anyone who came to our house was going to get an eyeful!

What sort of help did you have?

DH stayed home with us for the first week home from the hospital (I came home on a Friday). For the next two or three weeks my Mom came to stay with us in the middle of the week. Mostly she cooked, and made up a ton of meals for the freezer, and of course held the babies while I took a shower. We had lots of people bring food, which was wonderful.

My best advice is to do two things: 1). Simplify your life! I cancelled almost all magazine subscriptions, since I didn't have much time to read. I cancelled Book of the Month CLub so I didn't have to bother with returning the card every month. I put all my bills as automatic payments to eliminate writing checks and mailing payments (with the risk of missing payments). 2) Make a list of every person who casually says "If there's anything I can do for you after the babies are born..." and hang it on your fridge. Then CALL them! Never deny someone the opportunity to do you a good deed. If someone came to visit I would ask them to throw in a load of laundry or fix me a sandwich. Sometimes I would ask them to hold the babies while I took a shower. People were happy to run quick errands for me. One week when DH was out of town I had someone come over to help give the babies a bath.

My "babies" are 14 years old now!
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How far ahead did you measure - it is written down somewhere, but at the end (38 weeks) I think I was 40+cm. I gained a total of 75 lbs and 7 months later am almost back to pre preg weight (with a bit of a gut.)

What to wear - Big sweatpants or pj pants, thankfully my dh is an xl, so I wore his shirts at the end. For a coat I used a poncho. $20 at Marshalls, fleece. used a cardigian to keep arms warm. Couldn't wear socks (and it was winter), only flip flops and those left marks too. I kept sizing up in maternity clothes, but was so uncomfortable that I gave that up quickly. I needed maternity underwear too. I'm 5 ft 1 inch, normal weight is about 110-120.

Seatbelt - Babies were born in Feb, at beginning of December I quit driving. Belly rubbed up against wheel and it made me nervous. Didn't need an extender but did need help getting in and out of dh's truck!

Help - MEALS!!! For immediate postpartum and the first year, I think. Unless you just love frozen food. If someone can come over and clean the bathrooms, dust, vacuum or mop even after the immediate post partum time. I can keep up w/ laundry as long as you don't ask me to put it away and every few days I can pick up half of the clutter. But I just don't have time to do the toilets as often as I would like!

Baby Clothes - there is no reason you should buy preemie, b/c they will hopefully be born right on time! I was induced 39 wks 3 days, babies weighed 5.14 and 7.1.

Tandem - didn't get it down until about 6 months. Could do it, but only if someone else could help me get them in position. I'd say skip the eztonurse pillow unless you get it for free. Bed pillows work better imo.

Other stuff you didn't ask about but thought I'd throw out there - we started w/ just one crib and both of them sleeping together. Now we don't use the crib except dd takes daytime naps there. I co sleep with them in 2 twin mattresses on the floor.

If you are having b/g twins, get as much gender neutral clothes as possible. It is just easier.

As you get more and more uncomfortable and have to pee every 5 seconds, just remember that lots of gals have been there and lived through it. It is hard, but you can do it! I now look at moms whose twins are in their twenties for encouragment. Well, they look good now. . .

I might think of more later.

KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE! You will have a great pregnancy and they will be happy and healthy! Congratulations!
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