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We had unlatched the booster seat from a chair at the table so we could accompany my sister who was having dinner with us. When we put it back we forgot to latch the booster back on the chair. Yesterday as my 2 year old stood up to get out of her chair and the boosterseat toppled over and she fell onto the wood floor on her head. Thankfully the chair is low to the ground and she has a really hard head. I felt like the worst mom ever.
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I've done the carseat thing too and also forgot to put the seatbelt through the back of the carseat after a car change. OOPS!

We went a state park when DD was about 1.5yo. We were parked, gathering our lunch from the back of the car- totally distracted, when we suddenly realized she wasnt next to the car. And then we saw her - STANDING AT THE TOP OF A 15 FT METAL SLIDE! DH took off running but couldn't make it to her in time, she just sat down and just slid down on her butt and then made a very rough landing in the sand below. Thank god she wasnt injured- but then we had to fight her not to go back up there again! Lol. It was terrifying!
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Originally Posted by Dandelionkid View Post
Another time DD runs to me saying DS was on the stove (now 2) turning the dials as he was standing/sitting on the burners!! AWFUL....
Yikes! That would have spelled disaster at my house, since we have a gas stove. (actually, a 2 year old probably wouldn't know how to start a gas stove unless someone showed them... remind me to make it a point NOT to teach my son how to use the stove, lol!"
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I haven't had any yet, but my DS is just under a month old. I can't wait, I already feel like mom of the year when I leave him in a wet or dirty dipe too long (he doesn't seem to mind it and won't fuss about his diaper, lol!)
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Originally Posted by LynnS6 View Post
My brother, when he was 12, got together with a friend of his. The friend stole his mom's car keys, and the 2 kids would DRIVE his mom's car to deliver their morning paper route. Two 12 year old boys, driving around at 5:30 am. ACK!
We did this ALL.THE.TIME. My best friend's mom and dad would go to their hunting camp and leave us alone at home overnight. (and no, 12 year old girls home alone overnight was not unusual where I grew up)

Her mom had a big old buick and we hauled butt around until all hours of the night. During the day too sometimes.

We would drive around for hours then refill the gas from her grandpa's on-site farm fuel tank - driving without a license, unauthorized use of a vehicle, and theft of gas all in an average evening!

While still in his bucket carseat, I drove DS home from daycare unbuckled.

When DS was just three or so weeks old, my mom was at the house and encouraged DH and I to take a walk. When we returned, DS was on the back porch, alone, and my mom is no where to be found.

We live in a small town but still a town with traffic and passerbys on foot.

My mom had gone into the house to get some tea and, by her own admission, "sort of forgot DS was outside." We are talking 5 minutes or so.

DH flipped. Once the whole scene calmed down, we could all say we weren't totally used to having DS with us just yet. No one has forgotten about him since.
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Originally Posted by ShwarmaQueen View Post
We went a state park when DD was about 1.5yo. We were parked, gathering our lunch from the back of the car- totally distracted, when we suddenly realized she wasnt next to the car. And then we saw her - STANDING AT THE TOP OF A 15 FT METAL SLIDE! DH took off running but couldn't make it to her in time, she just sat down and just slid down on her butt and then made a very rough landing in the sand below. Thank god she wasnt injured- but then we had to fight her not to go back up there again! Lol. It was terrifying!
That was me as a kid! I was the monkey of the family. My parents learned pretty quick not to worry too much. I climbed all over everything, trees and rooftops and whatnot, all before so much as starting kindergarten, and was never seriously injured. (I did get stuck in a tree once though, and the fire department had to come get me down!)
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DD's carseat is in the middle of my Saturn Vue's back seat. I'm only 5'3" so if I have any kind of injury I have a hard time. DH is 6'4" so I usually have him buckle her in if we're together.

About 6 months or so ago, I tried to buckle her in but I had AF and was crampy. I couldn't do it, so I turned and asked DH to buckle her....and I moved to let him in. He wasn't paying attention and in that second she fell FORWARD OUT OF THE seat and smashed her face on the center console!

I fel like the the worst mom EVER. She had a little bump on her eyebrow but was fortunately, fine.
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Two really really scary moments that made my heart nearly stop...

When DH and first started dating, we had taken a trip with DSD to visit a friend of mine... we hadn't thought to set the child safety lock on my doors yet, as his daughter has never really messed with the doors, and this wasn't the first time we had taken my car, and we just did not think of it I guess.

So we are driving down the highway and suddenly feel more wind than usual. DH quickly pulled over, DSD is laughing away! Needless to say, the car doors have been safety locked ever since, and whenever we switch to a different vehicle, like sometimes we go in my Mom's SUV places, we make sure to lock her's too. lol

The next time, was a Saturday my DH was working and we were still living with his Mom, as far as I knew his Mom was still downstairs, so I quick went upstairs to brush my teeth...

Well apparently she had left, and DSD decided to follow her outside and got stuck out on the porch because she couldn't open the other door to the outside, and can never manage to open doors to come back in... she can get out fine, but not back in for some reason...

So I came down panicked when I saw she wasn't playing in the living room anymore, and it had only been maybe 3 minutes tops... I see her on the other side of the glass crying and freakin out. I scoop her up and she was fine then... but my goodness! I suppose it's a good thing she isn't so good with doors and didn't get outside at least!
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Nothing Too Bad

Middle DD went to the park by herself when she was around 20 months old. It wasn't very far though. The only really scary part was that she crossed a city street alone.

Middle DD also fell into a big plastic bucket with a few inches of water in the bottom when she was around the same age. It was EXACTLY how they describe kids drowning in buckets, except her face wasn't actually submerged. She was stuck though.

Friends of DH's made mustard gas when they were kids. It killed all the crickets in the spot in the woods where they did t.

The father of a friend of mine came from a big family. One of the kids got left behind on a road trip. All of the other kids knew he was missing, but they didn't say anything. They were over an hour away before the parents figured it out.

Another friend grew up on a farm. Her dad took the youngest sibling with him when he went to feed the cows and forgot her in a field sitting a hay bail for several HOURS. She was lucky the cows weren't hungry and didn't eat in as far as where she was sitting.
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I'm another one who once forgot to bucket DS in his infant carseat... we realized it about 10 miles down the freeway.

I also didn't realize DS knew how to open our oven door until he recently opened it WHEN I WAS BAKING SOMETHING! I don't even want to think about how much he could have gotten hurt.
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We have a sliding glass door without a deck right now (will build it in the spring) and I was changing the water in our 500 gallon fish tank and pregnant with baby #2 and had to have the door open to pump out the water. My girl was in the living room. I turned around for a minute then came back into the room and could not find her. I looked out the sliding glass window and she had jumped out the window (a LONG fall!) and was in her diaper only (it was January!) and was heading down the hill in the snow toward the county road. Thank god we live in the country otherwise I am sure someone would have called CPS on me. I as so panicked I jumped out the window too (DUH! I could have hurt myself and the baby!) and ran after her. NEVER EVER have I opened that door without someone else standing there. We have also childproofed the lock. But, for a moment, I tasted my heart in my mouth I was so scared. (Oh and she was not hurt by the fall, the snow cushioned her fall, but she was very cold though!)
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I think I can probably relate to about half of these posts so far with my kids.

Originally Posted by Caneel View Post
We did this ALL.THE.TIME. My best friend's mom and dad would go to their hunting camp and leave us alone at home overnight. (and no, 12 year old girls home alone overnight was not unusual where I grew up)

Her mom had a big old buick and we hauled butt around until all hours of the night. During the day too sometimes.

We would drive around for hours then refill the gas from her grandpa's on-site farm fuel tank - driving without a license, unauthorized use of a vehicle, and theft of gas all in an average evening!
Ahhh, fond memories My parents used to leave us home alone for over a month in the Summers while they did their across Canada visiting trip each year. My brother, the oldest (and least responsible) of the three of us might have been 16 or so when they first started (that means the youngest of us was 12 or so).

They used to give us the truck keys and an axe and we’d drive down the highway to a back road to cut down our own Christmas tree. I think my brother may have been 9-10 when we started that. We’d drive in the back of a pick up truck for 2 hours on the open 100 series highway to our cottage on a regular basis. No one even considered buckling seatbelts, they never knew where we were until lunch, supper, and bedtime when they stood on the doorstep and yelled for us to come home … I could go on ...
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Hmm, reading all of these stories makes me feel brave enough to post my own .

When dd was 9 months old, I took her to visit my grandmother. She needed a nap, so I laid her down on my grandmother's bed, put pillows around her, and figured she'd be okay. I'd been doing this for awhile and she had never rolled off before (she was a VERY late crawler).

Anyway, about half an hour later, I heard some noise like someone stirring. My grandmother lives in an apartment, so foolishly I figured it was another tenant, since I was SURE my dd would cry if she woke up in a strange place without me there . About a minute later I heard THUD, and then dd crying . I felt soooooo horrible. To make matters worse, my aunt was also there and decided that it would be a good idea to tell me the story of someone she knew who left their baby on a dining room table and the baby fell and died from the fall, like I needed to hear that. I felt horrible enough as it was, and was almost crying.

Another time, when dd was only about 2 months old, I was laying down on the couch, nursing her, and asked my dh to bring me some hot soup. Well, you can probably guess what happened . . . the soup spilled. Poor dd. She barely cried at all, but I felt horrible.

Yet another time, when dd was 3, she'd received nail polish for her birthday, which is the day before Halloween. The next day, as the trick or treaters were coming to the door, she decided she wanted to put some on, something I didn't realize because I was busy at the door and dh was painting dd's bedroom. Anyway, she spilled it on herself. That wasn't so bad, but rather than take her with me to clean her up, I left her where she was to get a cloth so she wouldn't spill even more when she stood up. In that short amount of time, she touched the nail polish, then rubbed her eyes. She didn't get any in her eyes, but she did have a cut on her eyelid that she'd gotten from a friend of hers the day before. It got in the cut, which hurt a lot. What was worse, we couldn't be sure that some nail polish hadn't gotten into her eye. So I called 911 to ask them what the emergency treatment was. We had to hold her head under a running tap for 15 minutes!! And I was 7 months pregnant at the time. It was quite traumatic for her, and even with both dh and I holding her down, we still couldn't really do it, so eventually we took her to ER.

Telling all of these stories makes me feel like a horrible mother . Oh well, at least I've learned. They always find something else to surprise you with , though . . .
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when ds1 was around 2 years old, he:

* found some empty boxes for recycling and piled them on top of each other
* climbed onto the kitchen counter to grab my car keys
* opened the back door (which I didn't know he could do) and went out to the car port.
* opened my car door (which I also didn't know he could do - my car has a remote keyless entry)
* climbed into the driver's seat
* inserted the key into the ignition.

he was trying to turn the key when I found him. I had been in the bathroom and had been gone for all of 5 minutes.

Thank god it was a stick shift and he could not turn on the engine. We also always use the parking brake for that reason.

At a party, ds2, then 18 months old, took advantage of all the chaos to escape out the front door - our neighbor had to come and tell us that he was running up and down the sidewalk. I am sure you can imagine the argument with DH - "I thought YOU were watching him!" "But YOU were watching him!"

Recently, the boys, my aunt and i were at a local mall. DS1 - age 4 1/2 at the time - was pushing the stroller, and ds2 - age 2 1/2 - was walking with me as we entered a two story shop that the boys love (they have fish and a waterfall). DS1 was only ahead of us by about 5 seconds but by the time we got into the store, he was gone. Just gone, nowhere to be found. I figured he'd gone downstairs - nope. We looked everywhere, but since he is short and the clothing racks are high, it was impossible to really see him.

After a good ten minutes of looking (and with ds2 being a huge PITA), I finally gave up and told an employee of the store, who promptly called a Code Adam.

I knew that he hadn't been taken. But I also knew that I could not find him, and that he could get hurt - wandering outside to the parking lot, going into a back room, wandering around the mall by himself, etc. And I knew that I could not find him by myself.

They found him in under 3 minutes (a kid in a bright orange shirt pushing a stroller is a pretty easy thing to find if you have eyes all over the store). When we were reunited, I burst into tears and just sobbed for a good few minutes.

And then I was MAD. That kid was strapped into the stroller for a good hour afterwards...

The nice thing was that as we were leaving, a woman approached me, saying "was it your little boy who was lost? And you found him? You must be so relieved! They half kill ya, don't they?"

That made me feel a lot better...
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When DD was 8 weeks old I went traipsing around the neighbourhood for a good 15 minutes looking for the neighbours lost cat while she was at home asleep - ALONE! I had plain forgotten I had her...man I felt bad.

When my little brother was 3 or so he told my mum that he had a sore toe. My mums response to him was "better chop it off then.." (this is always her response for when we hurt ourselves). A few minutes later she realised that he was very quiet and she went into the kitchen to discover him trying to cut his toe off with a bread knife....(thankkfully very blunt...)

I have locked DD in the car with my car keys...rang DP to see if he could help as DD was FREAKING out, and next thing I know the local firetruck turned up, sirens and lights going, fully loaded up with suited firemen to bust her out...DP had phoned his dad (who is a fireman)..I was so thankful that they were there to help but I was so embarrassed!! This happened in a busy mall carpark and they blocked the entrance so noone could get in or leave...sheesh!!
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I have quite a few of theese...and I have been reminded of many more as I read this thread.

Of things the kids did:

DS1 dared DS2 to touch the screw in the uncovered light switch (DH had been painting)....with his toungue!! It tripped the fuse & the lights went out!

Ds1 was 7 DD was 2....he thought I was out front and opened the door & let her out - then went back to playing on computer. (She had just been in the backyard with Dad & I had taken a break from washing dishes to pop in at a neighbors) 20-30 min later.....I come home....as Dh (who just came in from the yard) is answering the door to complete strangers holding DD!!! They had found her walking down the middle of the road, around the corner...and were going door to door until someone claimed her!!!!!!

We live in a small town now. DS2 (12) dd(10) & ds4(4.5) were eating burgers in the car. I took DS5(1.5) in the store with me to get a couple of quick things. DS1(15) walked in with me just to use the bathroom & went right back out to the car. He came back in and told me ds4 is not in the car. I said, "That's not funny!" We took off in different directions looking....I was headed for the parking lot...and saw him with a lady at customer service........appearently with all the library books we'd just got, the 2 big kids (who really are normally responsible with the 2 little ones) didn't notice him get out of his car seat, open the van door, and walk through the gas station headed for a hobby shop. (with a train table) ...I know this reflects badly on me....but really!!!! They are pretty mature & should have noticed!

The most scared for his life I've been:
DS2 was 4yo, trotting to the edge of our pool & trying to do a connon ball. But he was slow & uncoordinated. He would start his jump too far from the edge & slowly lean back as he brought his knees up. I told him to stop. He could only jump straight forward - no cannonball - his head was coming too close to the wall. He did what I asked a few times....then as I was talking to DH - fear crossed his face....I turned just in time to see him going in - the back of his skull seemed to barely miss the edge. Then he came up screaming and bleeding!!!!!!! He was missing a hunk of skin & hair - but an inch closer would have taken off the back of his skull!!!!!!!

When DS5 was 1 week old, we were at a big Easter egg hunt & picnic at a local park......hundreds of people. I was so used to having DS4 on my hip ALL. THE. TIME. and keeping my eyes on the 3 bigger ones.....well, now that I had the new baby in the sling, I was setting DS4 down on his own feet....we had just gotten our hotdogs & drinks...navigated the crowd & found a spot to sit on the grass. I was sitting there, with my Mom, eating & looking around at the kids....and it took me a few minutes to realize something wasn't quite right. I counted the kids 1. 2. 3. 4....but I have 5 kids now?! I actually looked them over & counted them again 3 more times - making sure I counted the one in the sling - and I couldn't figure out who was missing until I ran through their names!!!!! The almost 3yo was missing! He was at another picnic blanket out of sight, visiting with a little girl!

Ds5 is only 3yo, but he has done so many insane and/or dangerous things around the house - in the kitchen especially - I just can't list them. He is so physically able...I just can't watch him...but he never gets hurt - though he has broken alot of things, & made BIG messes...he gets a real kick out of it!

DD was 6yo, we were in the toy section. She was with her brothers, and I looked at something in the next isle - looked back & she was gone! We looked all through toy section - several times - sure she must be there. She wouldn'tjust take off. Looked around some more, then went to the front (if we ever get seperated, my kids head to the cashiers to wait for me) Finally, my name was called to come to crafts. We had been there before the toys, and for some reason she thought I was still there while they went to the toys. She came looking for me to tell me something, didn't find me & went up to the lady at the craft counter....but got very interested in what she was working on.....so DD starts talking to the lady &asking questions & they just talk & talk!! The lady assumes that Mom is in that section, until finally dd pipes up with "Oh, yeah! I don't know where my mom is. Could you call her?"
After they've been chatting for 20min! The lady commented on how confident & sure of herself she was!

Oh! Which reminds me of when she was barely 4yo & I had a brand new baby. We were at a water park; Dh had taken ds1 to a big slide, while I watched her & the almost 6yo at a little kiddie splash area. I was nursing the baby & watching them. There was a big structure in the middle, so at times would go out of site as they ran around. I hadn't seen dd come back around at one point, but I couldn't get right up to look. By the time I was about to get up, dh was back & I told him to look around the other side. We found her just off from the kiddie area, where you get a mat, and climb up a long metal staircase to a platform with 3 slides to choose from. She was sliding over & over again - loving it! There was a lifeguard there to stop little kids that didn't meet the height limit (I don't think dd was tall enough) but she was sooo confident & sure of what she was doing the guy thought she must already been given the 'go ahead'. None of us had gone over to that yet - so its not like she saw the 9yo do it first...and the 6yo was terrified of it!!!

Of stuff I've done:

I almost always have 7-8 kids with me in the summer. I've left kids behind places like bibleschool & gymnastics!

I've locked the doors & gone to bed...not realizing a kid is still at a neighbors house.

The other morning....at around 10 - I realized I hadn't seen DD - and she wasn't here? I couldn't remember for the life of me where she was! (spent the night at a friend's)

The kids were all watching a tree get cut down & the guy commented on how many kids I had - asked if I fostered. I told him they were all mine....after he left & I was actually feeding them, I realized I has 3 extra & hadn't even noticed!! I guess my kids snuck them in!

I felt horrible once, when I had tipped forward the captain seat behind the driver & not got it latched back in properly. Later, The baby was in the car seat in that seat, and as backed down our long driveway....bumped over the end onto the road & shifted into drive....the whole seat slammed forward into the back of mine carseat & all!! Poor baby, but he wasn't hurt. Well, he must have been almost 2 already, because he was facing forward.

Oh...I can think of more...but I'll quit! But there was another REALLY scary one. When DD was 4, playing with Dad...he thought she had gone to me in my bedroom. She had made a detour out to the van in the driveway (normally it was in the garage with sidedoors open) to get a toy. She couldn't get herself out. Dh found her very hot & drowsy. This was in FL in May....we were very lucky it was a VERY overcast day. That was scary.

These sound bad grouped together - but these are all over 16 years - lots happens!
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I dont feel so bad about the little mishaps around here now
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How about the half a dozen times when dd was a baby that I took her out of her carseat in a restaurant, put her back in, and didn't realize til I got home that I never buckled her back in!!!
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Is it wrong that so many of these are making me laugh? Maybe just b/c they have all ended well?

I have a few:

When we first moved to Japan we had to make daily trips to the housing office which was in a very old building. About a month of daily trips later I was rather tired of this and wasn't paying as much attention as I should have been helping my 20-month-old off the old, tiny elevator. She was taking her sweet time about it and the elevator started to close and I had to throw myself back into the elevator to prevent it from slamming closed on her (this had happened to me a few time and it really hurts). She was fine, but when the elevator doors opened up again one of her hands got sucked into the wall with the doors!!! Luckily someone else was on the elevator and thought to push the closed button so her hand could come out b/c I really just wanted to rip her hand out of the door myself and I am sure that would have been worse.
We stopped by the doctors and had her checked, she was fine so on the way home I promised she could go down the "big slide" by our hotel. Sadly it started to rain, but I was determined to keep my promise and crawled up the all metal slide with her and decided to give her a little push so that she would not get stuck in the middle of the slide before I could get down to catch her. Yeah, she flew down the slide and hit her head pretty hard on the bottom. I had one of our neighbors (who happened to be a doctor) check her for the second time that day and she was fine.

Just a few weeks ago, I kept my 2 1/2 year old home from school so he could play and nap while I cleaned the house. He went downstairs to play with toys and about five minutes later I thought I heard glass breaking. We live in a pretty busy area and you can hear all of the neighbors all of the time, so I didn't really think anything of it, but I decided to go downstairs to check on him anyway. I found him in the kitchen. He had gotten into my cupboard, found my candy thermometer and broke it by hitting it lightly in a nice circular pattern all around his body! When I asked what he was doing his response was "my ok". Nice
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[QUOTE=sarafi;12270339]Is it wrong that so many of these are making me laugh? Maybe just b/c they have all ended well?

Yeah... me too.

I took DD to a job with me when she was about 5 months. She fell asleep and I placed her in her baby carrier and put the blanket over her. Later, she was still sleeping and so I just latched the carrier in the car and drove the 50 Kilometers home. It was only at home that I realized that I had never latched her into the carrier. : (I never told my DH about this.)

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who's neglected to properly strap their LO in once or twice.

DH, DD and I were all at the beach. I was packing up, and DH was watching me and I think we were talking about something. All of a sudden I realize that I don't see DD!!! "Where's Eloisa!!!" Panic! because we're at the beach and I don't see her anywhere around us. (It's one of those Italian Beaches with rented lounge chairs and umbrellas in different fenced segments of the beach.) We're the last ones there, and she had been playing among the folded up lounges, but now??? Within about 30 seconds from when I'd last seen her to when we found her she had managed to walk to the fence and find a gap to the other side and was headed toward some kiddie toys that were in that section of the beach. It was such an eye opener to know that she could get so far on her little 16 month legs in such a short amout of time.

Once I found her sitting on top of the dining room table happily eating my candy that I thought I had put out of her reach. I had left the room for about a minute and honestly didn't think she couldn't climb up there.

But overall, she's pretty cautious and so I'm sure I haven't had nearly as many scares as some other moms. But she's only 19 months now... I'm sure I'll have more to add as the years go on. --I don't even want to think about her driving...
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