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Please help- red swollen skin around eyes!

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I have been struggling with eye problems, and I would appreciate any insight anyone has. It started about two or three months ago, I got a new eye shadow and I noticed that it caused one eyelid to get kind of dry and flakey in the corner. I stopped using it and then all the others I owned started doing it too, on both eyes. I stopped using all eye shadow and noticed that my eyes were just pouring tears when I wake up in the morning, especially if it is very early and I am still really tired. Then my eyes swell and get all red on the eyelids and below my eyes, they kind of itch and feel weird too. I went to the DR. They gave me steroid cream and told me not to use it for very long as it thins the skin around the eye. I tried also to avoid wearing eye makeup as much as possible,(this is like going naked for me, I will admit I am vain) returned a new makeup remover I thought might be part of the problem, and used the steroid cream. It got a little better so I stopped using the cream. It came back. I got all new eye makeup from the health food store. I started taking Quercitin ( anatural antihistamine) on the advice of a natureopath at the natural pharmacy (I live in Seattle where there are pharmacies that have natureopathic doctors on staff) and putting Calendula on my eyes. I switched to only using Dr. Bronner’s diluted baby soap and jojoba oil on my face. It got a lot better. Now it is back- I woke up with what looked like black eyes, only they were red and swollen. What do I try next? I am now starting to think maybe I am allergic to something else besides eye makeup. I was having a lot of GI trouble for a long time, I stopped eating peanuts and it went away. I took a Claritin today and it did not help. Now I just wonder if I have become super sensitive and maybe my old sick cat is the problem? I just do not know what to do next, or who to even see as a next step!
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It could be your cat or anything really. You can develop allergies at any time, and when you have gut issues, it's a bigger likelihood, imo.

What do you wash your sheets in? Does your cat sleep on your bed? In your bedroom? Do you have carpet in your bedroom? My thougts would be laundry soap, cat, dust and/or dustmites. How old is your house? If it's older and/or damp, mold could be an issue.
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You mentioned GI trouble, which makes me think possible food allergies. Have you tried taking other foods out of your diet besides the peanuts? How did you figure out it was peanuts? Are you eating other nuts or seeds?
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Maybe another allergy

You might be allergic to your detergent or fabric softener...that is very common. maybe try "Biopac" or another all natural detergent especially on your sheets.

Eyebright might help too or Miracle II Neutrilizer.
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I have noticed that my cat is trying to get in to the bedroom more than ever, she hides under the bed and I can't get her out. since she got sick she seems not to be cleaning herself as well. Someone told me to start washing my pillowcase every day and putting my pillow in the dryer, that seems to be helping a little.

I use whatever all natural laundry soap is on sale at whole Foods, don't use fabric softener at all.

Our house is old(1924) and i live in Seattle, it is wet here as everyone knows. so it could be some type of mold... I don't see any but you never know.

I have not taken any other foods out of my diet, besides peanuts. I knew it was peanuts because I was eating a lot of peanut butter and I was having bloating, cramping, diarrhea and gas. Yuck. I stopped the peanuts and have had a major improvement. I have not been eating any other nuts regularly, I will pay attention to what happens when I do. I have tried cutting out dairy, it does not seem to affect me one way or the other. I do eat a lot of whole grain wheat, and my grandmother had celiac, so I have wondered about that.
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