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Pediatricians in Tucson

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I'm 35w5d & have not yet pinned down a pediatrician for this 1st baby of ours, which is making me really nervous.

We plan to do an alternate / delayed vax schedule; we're vegetarian; we're using cloth diapers... so I want someone who will be supportive of these decisions.

Does anyone have any specific docs they recommend? I am considering Catalina Pediatrics; does anyone have experience with them?
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I see Dr. Auerbach there. Ds started seeing him when he was 2 so I can't help you on the other stuff. He tolerates seeing ds...I can tell he dosn't like it that ds isn't vaxed anymore, but he's never said anything bad about it or asked me to sign a waiver. When I called, I asked to be put with a doctor who would accept non-vaxing patients and he is who I was placed with. Not every doc there is non or selective-vax delayed friendly I've heard. With this new lo I plan to call and ask if Dr. A's position is still the same and if my child can see him sometime after it's born. I imagine you might have an easier time since you're selective/delayed.
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thanks a lot!

also wondering whether you've heard anything about other docs in town whether good / bad, or whether you know which of auerbach's partners are less lenient on vax schedules?

i will try to get an interview set up. we really need to get someone lined up ASAP.
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I found this thread I bookmarked when I was looking for a ped. It should take you to another thread as well, but whomever you set up interviews with, just verify that they still are respectful of selective/delayed....views can change quickly I've found.


Bad for no-vax and any deviant from the schedule...Dr. Goodsite. You must vax and vax by CDC's schedule. He was my son's first ped and actually my own ped growing up....boy has he changed.
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thanks very much. that's really helpful.
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Catalina Peds

Hi, we were new here last year. We started at Santa Clara peds. Please stay away from them!!! Very bad. But Cataline Peds is amazing. We see Sosan Moussa, wonderful, wonderful woman. Very understanding with delaying vaxes, actually recommends one shot at a time. We have also seen 2 other drs there, Foster and Llyod. Both were also good. It's worth the 45 minute one way drive for me. We were just there this morning!
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