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Breast Thermography in RI??

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After much research into mammograms and alternative early detection of breast cancer, I would love to be able have breast thermography, but their official website states that the nearest place is in PA.

Anyone hear of a place in the surrounding area that offers this, or has had any experience with it?
I would love to chat about it.

I would be willing to travel into MA, NH or CT for this also.
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Big bumps!!
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Bump! I just saw this: 


I am in Massachusetts and would really like to do this prior to or in place of a mammogram. Anyone have anyone local they like and that consults with you on your results...?


Thank you!

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Hi! I have heard of one of my local friends that has had this done in place of a mammogram.

They had her sign off, saying that it was not to replace the  mammogram, which is unfortunate.

My guess is that it is because of liability, or some such nonsense.

I have had a couple of mammograms, and a couple of ultrasounds, mainly because there was an area that they wanted to  keep an eye on, and I was pg, or nursing at the time.

Unfortunately quite a few of my friends, both over and under 40 have breast cancer at this time. It's just so shocking, and scary that it is cropping up in younger and younger women.


If you would like I can get the details of thermography from my friend. I think she went to somewhere in MA. I know she paid out of pocket for it too.

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Yes thank you Mum5, especially if she liked the location/practitioner who performed the scan and the discussion after. I suppose it would be good to know if she didn't like them either. And yes, I expect to pay out of pocket :( but I feel like it will guide me on if I want to do a mammogram and when. If I/we don't suspect anything, why go through all that radiation? Surprising how much we pay out of pocket on our health that's not covered by insurance, but it keeps us out of the MD's office so that will work for us for now. :) 


Thank you!

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Hi ladies. My friend used New England Clinical Thermography www.nemedtherm.com


She liked them a great deal. She is also pretty crunchy and very up on natural health and alternatives. Let me know how you make out.

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Thanks mum5... I'll look them up, make some calls. In the meantime, I've found this nurse:




Cumberland RI would be closer to me than Byfield, MA (and the locations she travels to), but I'll call both this week and get a feel for them.


Really appreciate it!

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