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Doctors in the West suburbs?

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We're moving to Hopkins or Minnetonka in November, and I'm going to need a pediatrician and a family practice doctor to transfer care to immediately, since both my DH and my little guy are on medication and I don't want a disruption of their meds.

We're a delayed vax family, and we're looking for someone who is crunchy-friendly and conservative about antibiotics. We'd love to all see the same doctor, if there was someone who was a family practice doc an was friendly. We'll have United Health for insurance. Anyone have any hints?
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Dr. Heidi G Anderson of the Quello clinics is DEFINITELY worth checking out! She has an Eden Prairie and Edina location--check your insurance...otherwise, we had to switch to park nicollet (because of insurance changes--our new insurance no longer covered Dr. Anderson) and they haven't given me too much flack--but I've also been pretty firm about my decisions. Hope that helps!
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