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Originally Posted by justamama View Post
Amazing news: Tonight we were grocery shopping. I send DP out to the car to look in the diaperbag for a coupon. He didn't find a coupon, but DID find a paycheck from my old job from back in July for $150!!!!! :::
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Oct 1 Took out cash for the next two weeks, putting debit card away

Oct 2 So far, so good

Oct 3 Good stuff. We took out cash for spend and are doing well spreading it out.

Oct 4 Well, dummy over here let the ATM eat our debit card when I took out cash the other day. This will make it really easy not to spend until the new one gets here

No Spend 4/25
Debt Payment $0
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Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4: - Grocery shopping and went a bit over budget

Here is my key...
= No spend
= Budgeted or necessary spending
= Un-Budgeted spending
= No drive days
= Mindful spending/purchase

12 No Spend Days
1/5 Eating Out Days
6 No Drive Days
$500 Groceries
$175 Gas
$200 Costco
$200 other consumables, stocking up on sale items to build a 'stash'
Total Un-Budgeted spending $80
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Oct 1 -- : 11.29 post office, : 75.00 to fix leaky toilet
Oct 2 --
Oct 3 --
Oct 4 -- , : 39.96 birthday presents, : 30.80 dh, : 30.00 soccer pictures

-- within budget
: -- out of budget


Dentist copays -- 0/60
Medical copays -- 0/15
Halloween 0/70
Birthday for ds -- 0/100
Groceries -- 125.48400
Food coop -- 0/400
Apple picking -- 0/60

Money just seems to be flowing this weekend. We had a number of things planned and all of them have cost us some cash -- birthdays, overnight trips, just lots of little things. Time to rachet it back down and stop the go, go, go cycle.
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Groceries: 81.38 and I paid the regular household bills
4th $18.90 on food and $1 dues at OA
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My key:

:= groceries
anything deemed necessary gas,household supplies, health and beauty aids
- anything deemed NOT necessary
- no spend at all

10/1- $50 gas, $26 Bella Band, $12.70 CVS
----- $2.16 McD's

10/3- $26.50 dinner/movie, $6 CVS
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Guess what I got yesterday: 2 checks cause I overpaid my RE! I paid totally OOP for treatments and have a "nice" little cc balance to show for it. So I see the envelopes from my RE and think "great NOW how much do they want?". I got 2 checks : totalling $104.20.

Now of course I wanted to treat this as "found money", but I was responsible and deposited right into the bank today. Once it clears I will transfer the money to put towards my cc.

Believe me, I would love nothing better than to use this money for something fun, but I think paying down my debt is just a tad more important.
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I thought that this would be the last day that I would have to buy groceries for the next week or two, but my very well meaning dp went in and got cream cheese "spread" (ick) instead of cream cheese for the cheesecake I am bringing to my grandparents place for Thanksgiving . I have to get that and allspice, and hopefully that is it. We are almost out of flour and oats as well, but I can wait for those.

02. $52.91 on a sleep sac and baby proofing supplies
03. $15.58 on 3 springform pans

138.30/400: Groceries
0/50: Gifts
54.45/150: Gas
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Catch up time...having a current budget devoid of wiggle room makes those a little easier to come by.

Kim :

Oct. 1:
Oct. 2:
Oct. 3:
Oct. 4:

* Less than $50 in frivolous spending: month to date $0
* At least 25 days (no spend or spending w/in budget): 4/31
* Pack snacks/water for outings: 4/31
* NO library fines: month to date $0
* Stay within grocery/eating out budget: $to update/$500
* ORGANIZE/declutter (lack of organization = spending): 3/25
* Exercise (feeling good = decreased emotional spending): 4/25
* Meal plan created: 0/4 weeks
* Sell rental house by 10/31...
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OCT 1No Spend/ No drive
Oct 233.02Gas (No unbudget spend)
Oct 321.66 groceries,4.50 thrift,12.59 present for dd's friend, 13.00 wool longies for dd2-oy! very spendy day
oct 4No spend/no drive
unbudget spend days goal 15/30, 3/30
No Drive Days goal: 7/30,2/30
No frivolous spending over 100 actual: 25.59/100
Sold items 0/50
Thrift/HB kit items: 4.50/20
Decluttering/organizing 20 min day 3/24
Grocery budget 21.66/370.00
Baked/home cooking:2/10
Study/Daven daily 2/15

August Goals
No unbudget15/30,No Drive,7/30, 102.00/100Sold items 67/50
Thrift/HB kit items: 18.70/20,Decluttering/organizing 20 min day 14/24
Grocery budget 397.72/350.00 ,Baked/bulk cooking:6/10 Study/Daven daily goal 7/15

July Goals:Awesome!:
No unbudget spend days goal 17/30 +2,No Drive Days goal:11/30+1
No frivolous spending93.56/100 7.00 under!, Grocery budget 341.73/375-30.00 UNDER[/QUOTE]
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10/1 - $1.41 for a candy bar - stuck in a hotel -- HIGHWAY ROBBERY! :
10/2 - :
10/3 - $4.00 Frozen Yogurt @ the airport
10/4 - $2.96 CVS + $3.97 grocery store
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Well, I am behind a few days already . . . I haven't even stated my goals . . . but I'm looking foward to my 6th month of doing the no-spend challenge!

Truly no spend
Budgeted or needed spending
: Groceries
: unnecessary spending
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Another No Spend day for me. I'm running out of "food that I like to eat" though and since I really have NO money for groceries unless I use my CC or borrow from a friend I'll have to have a look at the canned food that I stocked up on and never use. I'm pretty sure that I can make some healthy,tasty and filling with rice and lentils! I don't have any spices,but my roommate won't mind if I borrow some from her and maybe a recepie :

Day 1 rent $150 bus pass $66.25
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
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10/2. $42.47 at Home Depot, $31 for Halloween party (budgeted)
10/3. $76 groceries, $26.96 winter gear, $25.43 for party, $40 for Homecoming game
10/4. $26 Bath and Body Works (2 gifts and needed soaps), $118 at Menards (door and boards for basement)

1/10 no spending days
$76/$200 grocery budget
0/$100 gas budget
$56.43/$300 Halloween party budget
$26/$100 winter gear
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= Necessary spending
: = Unnecessary spending
: = No-drive day

1 Oct: : Went $5.00 over on grocery limit. Spent $150.00 to have heating system serviced.
2 Oct: :
3rd $25.00 at Fred Meyer for dessert auction ingredients, $40.00 in bulk dog food, $9.00 to buy schtuff to wrap and display the desserts. Expensive but necessary spending today. :
4th :
5th $15.00 to church
6th Errand to library - 70 cents on photocopies. DH just got a huge bonus at work today.:
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1/10 £46.05 (groceries) £7.49 (comic, choc + small pressie)
3/10 £32.10 (household, w/e groceries and fruit)
4/10 £7.20 art supplies

I am cross with the art supply spending, and actually, I think I may cancel my order. I have enough supplies for the art class I am taking - I allowed myself to get swept along thinking that I couldnt possibily manange without a certain type of paint. It is a mixed media class - I can use ANYthing! :

My key is
No Spending
Planned Spending
Unplanned Spending
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papermoon, I totally go overboard on craft/art supplies too because I love them and I can't resist sometimes!

Oct 1
Oct 2 ($20 in cash budgeted for grocery store)
Oct 3
Oct 4: $60 cash budgeted for weekly grocery store (pretty good for three people eating mostly organic!!) but also .. $5 taco bell -- then, $10 at a church bazaar which was not budgeted but did go 100% to charity so.... ... but it wasn't budgeted or planned so...


No spend:
Spent money but was planned, needed, or budgeted:
Overspent or spent money that wasn't planned, needed, or budgeted:
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10/3: Groceries $23.79 Dessert stuff for Mom's Night Out
10/4: Mtg. $1

Even though it's only 9:30 a.m., I'm going "No Spend" for the day!

No Spend
Budget Spend
Over Spend

Groceries $418.42*
Gas $24*
Misc. $12.72*

XMas $19.39**

*Some of this is carry-over from Sep.
**Running total until Xmas
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: No spending of any kind
: Budget spending
: Unnecessary/out of budget spending

Oct 1: (mostly paid bills to start the month, but I did get coffee/juice while DS and I were out that we didn't need... should've been prepared)
Oct 2: (bought Christmas present and office supplies at a great price
Oct 3: (not only no spend, but an unexpected government payment came in *yay*)
Oct 4:
Oct 5: (bought groceries to supplement what we had in our pantry and use some stuff up this week )

Goal Areas (must not go over)... I reduced/changed some of these as I reworked the budget from last month and closed it out:
0/100: Household flux
17.23/200: Groceries (Week 1: 17.23/40)
4.30/30: Entertainment
0/20: BABiC (the babywearing group I facillitate)
0/50: Baby Supplies (I am trying to get things we need for the baby spread out so it doesn't hit us all at once)
10/40: Special Occasions (buying birthday/Christmas presents)

So for today I am at 31.53/440.00 flux dollars spent
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Not off to a great start... I have kept track of every penny, though... so that is a good start.

10/1 $30 impromptu cocktail hour with dh, $30 for sitter
10/4 $70 Oktoberfest, $3.99 word search book for ds6
10/5 $4.60 library fines

October goals:
Track every cent spent
Spend within budget only - no nickel/diming myself
Think thrify/frugal
Eat out only: one bfast, one dinner, order in one dinner
Learn to budget monthly for things, rather than just yearly

Ultimate goal:
Stay focused on 6mo emergency fund (1/3 there)

no spend day or spent within budget only
: not budgeted but necessary

This months planned expected expenditures (outside the basic budget):
$22.55/$25 presents for 2 kids friends bday parties
$60/$60 presents for 3 family birthdays
0/$30 medical copay
$30/$50 sitter
0/$30 2 halloween costumes
0/$? yarn for starting chanukah gifts
0$? new belt, winterboots, slippers, socks, fleece - for me (this should get me through the winter for clothes)
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