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Preschool suggestions in St. Louis?

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Hello, I don't post much, but I live in St. Louis City (Southampton neighborhood) and I was wanting suggestions for a preschool in the St. Louis area. We AP (cloth diaper, breastfeeding, cosleeping, try to be respectful of kiddo's needs and desires), but are probably a bit more mainstream than some parents here. Our kiddo is only 27 months, but we wanted to get a jump on investigating options, especially if there is a waiting list. I primarily want a preschool that would provide lots of opportunities for learning and social interaction with other children but not be overly regimented. Obviously, we would not be interested in a school that uses corporal or other harsh punishments (not that I would expect any mamas here to suggest such a place!). We are pretty strapped financially at the moment, so a preschool option with a sliding scale/scholarships (or ideally, free) would be welcome. Any good recommendations?
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my highest recommendations go to the ethical society nursery school on clayton. it is stellar.
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I got a suggestion for Union Preschool from another mama in this forum. My son is now attending the shcool. He loves it! It fits all of the "wants" you listed. I think they have a website.
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Thanks for both of your replies! I looked at the websites of both. My only concern is that my husband and I are both athiest/agnostic and we don't want our kiddo indoctrinated in any religion. When she's older she can decide for herself. It appears that both Union Preschool and Ethical Society Nursery school are both religious? Or did I read it wrong on the websites? I've been sick for the past couple of weeks so my concentration abilities are not at their finest.
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My kids go to Washington University Nursery School and I can't say enough good things about it. It's spendy, but they do have financial aid available. There is a long wait list, so you might want to visit and consider getting on the wait list now in case you think you might be interested. It's just an amazing, child-centered place.

I know families who've sent their kids to both Union and the Ethical Society. I am pretty sure neither is overtly religious. If you read the website for the Ethical Society, you'll notice that they aren't a religion based on worshiping a devine entity anyway, so I think you'd be pretty safe from any indoctrination.
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DD just started at the Ethical Society and it's wonderful! We're very pleased and were looking for the exact same things as you are so I think it would be a great fit. We also are athiest and raised our concerns about religious teachings but were assured that they merely rent space from the Ethical Society and give no religious instruction in the preschool whatsoever. They are extremely welcoming of all types of families, with all sorts of religious, ethnic, economic, and sexual orientations represented there. Also, we find it very affordable, compared to comparable schools. (2 times a week for a 2-3 year old is $145/month) I know the search for a school can be overwhelming. I recommend narrowing your list down, then visiting your top 2 or 3 choices in person, during school hours and going with your gut. For us, the right school just felt like "home". Feel free to PM me if you need more info. Good luck!
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