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Originally Posted by frontstreetmama View Post

mommy is NOT, I repeat NOT a jungle gym...
YEAH! And she's not a tackling post either.....yeesh.

Oh, and no teddy bears in the bath. Especially mama's special mama/baby bear that she's had since she was five. :
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You may not touch your little brother's penis, even if it IS little and cute as a button
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No yoga in the bathtub.
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no toys in your underpants
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Thank you, thank you all for this thread. It is the funniest thing I have read in ages. All of the ones about imaginary friends have me rolling on the floor, but the one about the Swiffer about did me in!
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What a fun thread!
No sword fighting someone unless they have a sword too.
Mom is not base!
Don't breastfeed your brother.
Spit fights are not allowed in the car (or anywhere else for that matter)!
Keep your fingers out of other peoples' bottoms.
You can be a whale in the pool but not in the bathtub.
One I heard a friend of mine tell her kids while we were on the phone was "No karaoke while the baby is napping- followed by "I mean it"!
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No playing with your penis at the dinner table.
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Originally Posted by SquishyKitty View Post
No playing with your penis at the dinner table.
we have that one too
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Mama is not a ride toy.

Mama's head is not a bounce toy.

No bouncing on Mama's belly, yes it is nice, but your sibling is starting to get big enough to notice being bounced on.

No wearing doggie for meals

Nursing is fine, playing with mama's nipples is not.
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This thread is such fun.

Here are our most important ones right now:

No somersaults on the bed
No feet in your food
Don't touch the dog's butt (what is the deal with the dog butts? apparently they're irresistible)

and again and again and again

No Drinking the Bath Water!

(sheesh, I'm glad to know we're not the only ones...)
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LOL! I love this thread

No drinking bathwater
NO licking my feet!
No chasing the cat
No tackling younger siblings

Many more but some have been mentioned. Gotta love kids!
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Originally Posted by Melanie_7773 View Post
No, my breasts are not yours, they are MINE. Please keep your hands out of my shirt.
OK - I stopped reading here because I had to reply. My 2 1/2 year old always says "I want MY nursies!" and gets very upset when I reply "They are Mommy's nursies, and I choose to share them with you and Colin."
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I am so glad I'm not the only one telling my kid not to drink the bath water!
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Originally Posted by mamabearsoblessed View Post
'undies at the table' rule here too

our big one is 'be sure someone is ok before you laugh'. (eg: daddy flips of the back of his chair or Grandad trips trying the skip-it)

no naked butts on my pillows:

no making your sibling measure your ginormous poop

no clubhouse in my linen closet, this makes me crazy, everything unfolded and thrown about when there are already forts everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!

only the king size pillow gets ridden down the stairs, one kid per turn

no creatures left in the 'habitat' overnight

no licking the van windows

this thread rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My motherlet us ride a crib matress down the stairs when we were children. My brother, sister, and I would sit on it together one behind the other and just fly down. It was great. Your post brought back that memory, and I thought I'd share. Thanks fr resurrecting one of the good childhood memories.
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Originally Posted by eclipse View Post
You may not touch your little brother's penis, even if it IS little and cute as a button

Yeah, it does seem that small children are curious about private parts. I know I was when I was a child. But, good rule though. I hope it works.
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Originally Posted by _betsy_ View Post
I am so glad I'm not the only one telling my kid not to drink the bath water!

The funny thing is that I can remember doing that at age two--I can remembr a lot from then. It was one of those toy bath buckets. I put some water in and tried to drink, and my mother snatched it from me and told me not to drink it. You are not alone, I was told not to drink bath water when i was a kid, too.
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Love Vibes for Waldorf PC

Oh... Waldorf PC! : I'm not judging... But you might get something out of hearing from a mom with a little older child and his friends:

I have two friends whose children have OCD tendencies and symptoms and the mom's truly believe they "caused" it themselves. Although, I don't believe they caused it, they certainly didn't help by being horrific germaphobes when the DC's were little. My one friend's son is grossed out now by his own Legos. He's sure they are dirty and scrubs his hands repeatedly after playing (until they hurt him, poor guy) The mom "gets" that she spent his first 6 years constantly stressing over germs, telling him to put things down etc. She's really sorry she put so much energy and emphasis on this.

In my own experience, I was one of those (not very AP or NFL, at the time) moms who did everything "perfect". Changed ds's outfits at the first sign of drool, had a system for everything. Perfectly clean everything. Our baby gear looked brand new after our usage of it. Multiple baths and mini-baths/showers a day. I remember his first three years more as an assembly line of care, not really being spiritually attentive, does that make sense?? My son is still afraid to touch anything that might be messy (dough, finger paints etc.) or try anything new he's scared he won't get right the first time. I needed to relax, big time! If we have future DC's they will get the benefit of a non-perfect, not germaphobe mommy. It gets in the way of living in the moment. I wish I had a do-over.

I so agree with the below quote too! (consider reading books or reaching out to a parenting coach/class about typical behaviors and learning stages. Mouth exploration is critical to this age group. It might seem like its just a teething thing, but its not. Mouthing is a learning/stimulus thing most of all.)

Originally Posted by Think of Winter View Post
I mean this gently, but you did post this on a gd board...have you thought about getting treatment for yourself? What your 6 mo old is doing is normal and healthy, and disciplining a child for exploring her environment in a developmentally appropriate way is not gd.
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how about: "Cookie Monster does not go in your vagina."

I was changing Anna into jammies. I took off her clothes and she grabbed at her crotch -- totally normal. We were in no rush so I told her to let me know when she was ready to get dressed. She grabbed a pacifier, starts rubbing it on her crotch. I said, "no... pacifiers go in your mouth or your hands, not in your vagina. Only hands go on your vagina. Don't put your toys there." But of course she's testing the limits. So she grabbed her stuffed Cookie Monster, puts his face into her crotch, and makes the cookie-eating-num-num-num sound.

A little piece of me died while trying to stiffle the laughter in order to keep a straight face and say that Cookie Monster also does not belong her in vagina, hands only, and let's get our jammies on. NOW.
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can i just sneak in here to mention that in some places, south africa for one, "cookie" is slang for vulva.

i'm sorry i just about died laughing, that is awesome on so many levels.
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Oh, and our weirdest rule: No group peeing on the tree : with your neighborhood friends.
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