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Earth Mama Angel Baby BFing Support Kit

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Are the items in the kit really worth it? I know from experience that I won't use anything but their nipple butter, but I'm wondering if the other stuff would make the purchase of the kit worth the extra expense. Anyone have it or give it as a gift and have feedback?
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I received it as a gift from my aunt. I don't think it was worth it. I did use the bottom spray and maybe a bath thing (and was there tea?), but the rest of it kinda got lost in the shuffle. Just the other day, I found 2 little bottles/jars in the medicine cabinet and thought to myself, "Am I ever going to use this? Darn, I should have used it 11 months ago!" But I was using specially prepared herbal baths that a midwife made for me ($2.50 a pop and I had 5, so still less than the Earth Mama kit).
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I like the tea - doesn't taste as bad as some of the other mother's milk tea I've tried. Also the nipple pads and compress herbs came in handy when I had a blocked duct - I was so thankful I had them on hand! IDK - it was a nice treat to treat myself too!!
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I don't think there's a bottom spray in the BFing kit. According to Amazon:

* Everything a nursing mama needs to nourish her breasts as she nourishes her angel baby
* Includes Milkmaid Tea - natural herbal to support healthy breastmilk production
* Natural Nipple Butter 100% lanolin-free nipple cream for sore cracked nipples
* Booby Tubes, microwaveable and freezable breast packs to help ease symptoms of engorgement and mastitis
* Bosom Buddies, healing herbal breast packs for sore cracked nipples

Carita - good to know on the tea and breast packs. I had horrible plugged ducts with my son, and I was always wandering around with cabbage in my bra. It would be nice to have something less leafy when I'm miserable!
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Don't know about their breastfeeding stuff ... and not that you asked, but the Earth Mama Angel Baby bottom balm is hands down the best thing I've found to cure diaper rash. Just thought I'd throw that out there in case you want to toss something else in your online cart!
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Thanks! I just got feedback from a friend I gave the kit to that the tea was excellent and she was a low supply mama, and she liked the compresses as well. Sounds like I might try it.
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