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I was browsing this board and noticed that my favorite diaper wasn't reviewed lately - hope you don't mind my jumping in. But I LOVE this product and want to share it with y'all!

Product name: Tobie's Trousers

Brief description of productocket diaper

Store/Site of purchase:

Price: $12.50 (more for custom diapers)

How long have you used this product? About a year

Fit/Sizing: Excellent. The owner/maker is great at helping me decide what size will fit best.

Excellent. I use these as night time pants for my toddler. She is not night trained fully and has wet - No leaks or messy bed. I also use them for my 4 month old and we have yet to have a problem.

Quality: So this where this product rocks. : I have used a lot of the the pocket dipers out there and all of them really wash poorly for me. I end up with gray insides and lots of piling. Tobie's Trousers have blown me away in this respect and you can tell by looking at them that there is a lot of love and attention put into each diaper. Gotta love those WAHM's they know good quality!

Also they have 3 layers of fabric. The nice soft fleece then the pul waterproof fabric - followed by the cutest softest designed fabric outside. No more boring diapers. My babe spent all summer in his diaper and a T and we got so many compliments!!!

Customer Service/Communication: Excellent. Tobie herself has emailed back and forth with me about custom diapers I wanted made. She is really fast at getting back with me and seems super sweet.

Would you purchase this product again? yes!! n

Have you made a complaint to the WAHM or company about the product? If yes, please provide details of any resolution or lack thereof.

Additional Comments:

I would highly recommend you give these a try!

I give it (How many up out of five?): 5