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I think it's nice that we have some posters who are almost veg/vegan or are at least curious about it. Welcome!

My experience is that when I'm craving sweets, a little extra B vitamins really seem to help (I've heard they can also help curb the cravings in recovering addicts).

Two of my favorite books for easy, healthful meals are "The Vegetarian Mother's Cookbook" and "Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home." The former is better for making meals for picky kids.

I'm in picky kid hell right now, DS is slowly eliminating anything remotely healthy from his diet and making up weird reasons why he won't eat something he used to love (the spaghetti sauce has "leaves" in it, etc.). : I can't wait until this phase ends (please let it end!), he's been quite a little pill at home and school lately.

I'm soooo tired and sore today. I went to Pilates in the morning and then spent the whole afternoon going door-to-door to support my presidential candidate. We had some great conversations with people, this is going to be a really interesting election.

You have all convinced me, I'm putting TJOVB on my wish list for Christmas!

Have a great day, ladies! Don't forget to vote tomorrow, Americans! :
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I've been feeling rather sick the last couple days.. which is a great sign, but I feel so yucky!

I had DH make Chickpea Noodle Soup last night (my own recipe) because I wanted something "normal" and not weird.. lol. I had to make sure he didn't put anything weird in it like he does sometimes. I can't wait for this phase to be over with, so I can go back to eating normally again.
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Mmm. Chickpea noodle soup sounds good.

Lilgreen: I made the snobby joes for dinner last night. I really liked them. Very easy to make and my omnivore hubby had seconds. It's always nice to find a recipe that is healthy, easy and that he enjoys too.

I've been focusing on upping my protein the last few days and my sweet cravings are almost gone. Thanks again for the reminder!

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Hello ladies!

Okay, all I have to say about the election last night is: :::!!!!
(sorry to gloat, it's just been a really long time since I've had the opportunity).

There, I'm done, anyway, I've been craving cheesecake, does anyone have a truly outstanding recipe?

Are all of you keeping track of your protein intake? I'm trying, but it gets old really fast. I just want to enjoy my food and not be mentally dissecting it into it's nutritional values while I'm eating it.
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I'm fairly happy about the election results. I'm happy about the president but I'm disappointed that it looks like prop 8 will pass here in California. Mostly I'm just happy all the hoopla is over and the cold callers will stop bugging me.

I don't really keep track per se. I try and choose foods that have a high protein content and mentally keep track of whether or not I've had much protein that day. Occasionally I'll plug my food for the day into fitday.com to see how I stack up on calories and protein - but that is very rare.

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I'm 31 weeks pregnant and have gone through it *mostly* the raw vegan way. Now that the weather is frigid, I've been craving cooked hot soup!! : I never really worried much about my protein intake. But now that we are in the home stretch I've been making smoothies with brown rice protein powder. All my prenatal appointments, exams, and baby development have been right on target, so no worries there.

I was wondering if there were any vegans / raw vegans on this board, since I've read so many posts with protein intake worries & counting. Thanks for posting about this.

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I'd like to join the club! Just got my BFP yesterday.

This will be my first vegan pregnancy. I was a vegetarian last time around.
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welcome and congrats Mama!!!!! :
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LorenaAZ Yes, there are vegans/raw vegans! I personally didn't really worry about protein last time and DS and I were fine. This time I'm a little older, have a few more lbs. on me than last time, and going for an HBAC, so I'm trying to be careful about my diet this time (and my mws will drop me like a hot potato if they think I'm not taking good care of myself).

Vegan Princess Sorry about Prop 8, I really don't get why straight people think that gay people getting married somehow will ruin their lives . We're just way too medieval to be a modern industrialized country, but hey, at least CA actually made it legal for a while (my state is just not there yet).
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Welcome new mamas!

2 of you are in my DDCs!!! (I'm in both June and July)

I'm having a hard time finding anything that sounds appealing. And most everything that I want I have to go out for.. so frustrating!
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Welcome pinksprklybarefoot and Wannabeamamamia!

MS sufferers Sorry about the ms, this time was my first taste of it, and though it was mild, it was most unpleasant! Hope you all start feeling better soon!

Wannabeamamamia I'm 17 wks., and I think there's at least one more poster close to our DDs. I think we should look into the Vegan/Vegetarian Living section to find out if we can add a sticky of easy healthful recipes for busy/tired moms/moms-to-be. BTW, I love "Vegetarian Mother's Cookbook" and "Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home" for good, easy recipes.
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Vegan Princess- thanks for reminding me to plug my answering machine back in! It's been off the hook due to the multiple daily political calls.

I am finally starting to feel better, so I can start cooking again. I just dropped way too much money at Whole Paycheck, but I just couldn't help myself. I'm anxious to be cooking healthy meals again. Dh has really been doing a good job taking care of me, but he doesn't know how to cook. I really don't want another veggie burger for a LONG time! I pulled out Veganomicon and The Seventh-day Diet and am going to try some new recipes. Tonight I'm making a tomato-rice soup from V'con. Tomorrow I am finally trying the famous chick-pea cutlets.

Mornings are still really tough for me. At least I'm not longer sick ALL day. I bought some Whole Soy yogurt today hoping it'll be easy on my stomach in the mornings (not to mention easy to fix for the kiddos!).
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Good idea.
I will also check into those cookbooks. Im ALWAYS looking for good ones!!
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I want nothing to do with healthy food right now... this is so annoying! I was hoping that being vegan this time around would naturally lend itself to healthier choices. I always forget that there is *plenty* of vegan junk food out there.

I think half of it is that I don't feel like cooking, nothing sounds good, and DH loves take-out. This is so different from the normal me. I usually make elaborate dinners with lots of veggies. I hope my taste for healthy food returns!
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Pinksprklybarefoot I hope your appetite for healthy food returns soon! I had a bumper crop of tomatoes this year and could hardly even make myself go out and pick them (way too smelly!), much less eat them. Now I'm back to normal and trying to be really careful with my diet (which is going to be pretty hard, the holidays are coming and thus all the cookies and candy).

Speaking of the holidays, we sort of created a tradition of making panettone (sp?) from Nona's Italian Kitchen around Christmas. If you can get a hold of freshly ground whole wheat pastry flour (or can grind it yourself), it makes a wonderful and healthful holiday treat (just make sure to use dried fruits instead of those green and red-dyed candied fruits for fruitcakes ).

Happy Monday, Ladies!
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Originally Posted by catemom View Post
I had a bumper crop of tomatoes this year and could hardly even make myself go out and pick them (way too smelly!), much less eat them. Now I'm back to normal and trying to be really careful with my diet (which is going to be pretty hard, the holidays are coming and thus all the cookies and candy)!
I had a hard time with my garden when I was PG with DS too! I could not stand to go in it at all.
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Hello, pregnant vegans, semi-vegans, etc.,

Hope you're all doing well. I hope those of you with ms are coming out of it.

DS has been having a heck of a time at school, and it's gotten to the point where I'm looking for a school that actually understands 3 year olds.

On top of that, DS had a little cold that has magically transformed into a croupy, mucous-y mess, so I'm pretty tired from the terrifying episodes he's been having at night and worrying about finding a better preschool for him.

Anyway, I thought I'd post to bump the thread up, we may be getting another poster soon!

Take care vegans (and non-vegans!
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m/s has fully set in here. I've been craving the ginger cookies from VWAV for a week now, but i don't have the book. So SIL sent me the recipe, and my sweet DH whipped up a batch for me ( although he didn'r really measure anything so they weren't perfect )
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I would love to join!

Hi! I am a vegetarian. I don't eat eggs or drink milk however I do consume cheese and cheese products. I am definitely interested in joining up with other moms who care about cruelty of animals and are concerned about what goes into their mouths and the mouths of their families!!

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Just wanted to chime in and introduce myself to the other vegan mamas-to-be! I'm 26 weeks pregnant with my first, due in February. I've been vegan for 6-7 years and veg for about two years prior to that. Doing organics as much as possible with this pregnancy.

For the first 3-4 months I craved a lot of salad and fresh fruits and veggies, but now it's all carbs and sweets.. I've been really tired and nauseous too (still!) so haven't had much energy to cook, but when I do I try to make big portions of meals with lots of veggies and protein- tofu spinach lasagne, tofu sloppy joes, fajitas, etc. and then just freeze a bunch.. but I honestly feel like all I have eaten in the past month is bagels and soy ice cream, haha.

Anyways, look forward to getting to know you all!

Much Love,
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