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anyone still temping?

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Is that even necessary? I'm going to make an appointment with my doctor tomorrow. I guess I will be taking all my info with me. Just woudl like to stay asleep for an extra 30 minutes without getting up to temp.

I heard that I shoudl take extra time getting up in the morning- to help combat feeling poorly. Anyone have any ideas?

I'm already super gassy. That is not fun. :

But, I'm warming up to the idea.
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Hey Musiclady Congratulations:::. I'm so glad to see you in a DDC, and June is a perfect time for a teacher to have a baby. As for the temping thing, I temped for several weeks after the BFP until I felt liked I had passed the time when I would have a chemical pregnancy. It helped me to feel sane in the beginning, but eventually, I felt I didn't need to anymore. The drawback was any drop in temperature would put me into a funk all day. Either way you'll probably be worrying for the next few weeks, so do whatever helps you feel less worry.

Good luck with a happy and healthy 9 months!
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I temped this morning, but not yesterday. I just did it because I was up. Once I pass the time AF is due (the end of this week) I will not temp at all. I guess I just want some warning if it does not look like the baby is sticking with us.

I agree with Emily, whatever helps you feel less anxiety is what you should do.
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I love seeing those high temps. I don't know when I'm going to stop temping. I'm not even tempted yet. But that said, I don't get up early to temp, or I probably wouldn't have been doing it for a year now.
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I'm still doing it and will continue until I feel more confident. I don't get up early to do it, though, just my normal time.
I guess if you wanted to keep an eye on your temps, you could sleep the extra half hour and then adjust your temp down by .1 degrees since it's not quite so critical at this point, you know?
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i quit temping the day before i got my bfp. i kept feeling like i was gearing up for af, so i just stopped. i'm also doing some weird nightwaking with the strange early pregnancy dreams, so my temps wouldn't even be accurate anyway
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I stopped this morning and now I almost regret it. Having high temps these past few days was reassuring. However I generally think it's too stressful to temp after a BFP and should be avoided.... Positive thoughts, positive thoughts!!!
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