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Jury Duty while breastfeeding

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Hello to all

I was wondering if anyone has had experience with being called for jury duty while breastfeeding?
I just received a summons for jury duty and I am exclusively nursing my 2 month old, has anybody been able to be exempted for breastfeeding ?
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you can be exempted by proving you are the sole "daycare" provider for your child. should be on the back of the form they sent you.
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I live in PG county. I wrote a letter explaining that I was still breastfeeding my son. I believe he was almost 1yr old at the time, but i referred to him as an infant. I listed a bunch of reasons why it would be stressful on him and myself to be apart for several hours, including the need to pump and the distress he would experience beause he did not use bottles.
I don't know if that was necessary or not, but they did call me and let me know that I would be excused if I could get a letter from a health care provider stating that I was nursing my child and how long I planned on nursing the baby so that they would know when to put my name in the pool again.
I believe I told them 2 yrs. and my son's bday is coming up, so I guess I will be back in the pool soon!
hth. erika
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I was called for DC court and I was able to get a six months deferment and I was nursing a toddler. I had to haggle with the woman on the phone a little. Another mom friend of mine was able to get a deferment for 2 years when she had a newborn.
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In maryland I was able to prove I was sole careprovider for my son ( SAHM) they asked if any grandparents or friends were available and none were I also tossed in that I would need to pump every 2 hrs or I'd leak They excused me LOL.
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I think this depends on what county you are in. I imagine you won't have a problem, but the sole caregiver excuse doesn't apply everywhere (it doesn't in Baltimore City). I was excused from jury duty for breastfeeding in Baltimore City though, I just made a phone call and then sent in the form. It was no big deal.
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I love the idea of excusing a mama because she might leak! Gotta remember to use that one.

I wonder what I'd do if called? As the sole careprovider for 3 homeschooled children...with no family in the area...nursing the youngest (until she decides to wean)...

I guess I'd just have to cheerfully accept it as a learning experience for my children...all 3 of them...to come along and try to sit and observe.

Yeah, I know that they'd never go for that. Guess I could be the resident lunatic who sits in the waiting room chanting: fry them all!

I honestly don't know what I'd do.
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