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Help with BG sizing *please*.......

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I'm looking to get some Bumgenius AIO's - I already have a couple of version 2 OSFA pockets. Does anyone know how the medium and larges compare? I'm using the pocket totally unsnapped for my 20lb 8 month old and they are a good fit with plenty of room to grow. If I get larges will they be really too big? Will the mediums be too small?
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It sounds like the medium would fit, but your child wouldn't have too much room to grow. The large might be a little on the larger side, but I think you'll be able to adjust it so that it fits just fine. Especially if you have the baby on the large setting for the OS diapers.

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Ds was in the unsnapped level at that age but as he got older he got thinner so now at 24 months and 23 pounds he is back in the med fit day and large at night. i hop ethis helps you.
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It depends on how trim you want your dipe and how slim your child is. I can still get mediums on my 30 lb 2 year old, but they are pretty tight now. I think the larges would swallow a 20lber, but my DS has always been in dipes wayyyy longer than the weight limit say, so maybe he just has tiny legs or something.
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