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Tucson--did you give birth at UMC?

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If so, I would love to hear about your experience / read your birth story / know who your OBGYN was / etc.

I'm going to be delivering there after all, as my pregnancy has become somewhat higher-risk and I have transferred away from the El Rio Midwives.

Thanks in advance!!!
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me too

I'm going to give this post a bump since I'm also curious about experiences of other people that birthed at UMC.

I'm planning on a homebirth, but UMC is plan B. I've heard they will let you keep the baby in the room from the birth on, compared to TMC which takes the kid for several hours. Argh!
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well, i had my first there. not good experience.

they took baby for two hours until i called yelling.... and gave her formula.

it WAS 3 years ago.

but the birth itself was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life.

im an RN.... so i thought i knew better.

my huuuuuuuge suggestion is to get a doula that is good at advocating.

it is a teaching hospital, so most of your experience will ie with the experienmce and kniowledge base of your batch of residents/interns.

nak, sorry typos.
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I worked there and tmc in the nicu a long time ago. I don't think hospital politics have changed at either place. Given those two choices, I'd definitely do umc.
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I had my first at TMC and it was HORRIBLE. I've also had a lot of family members have awful experiences at UMC, not birthing related though.

DEFINITELY get a doula.
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Also, I'd recommend focusing your birthplan on healthy mom, healthy baby. If you aren't able to stay with the midwives, there's a reason. You and your baby need some of the medical interventions. Create a fantasy that includes those interventions and leaves everyone healthy. Afterall, the crunchiest birth doesn't mean squat if one of you has a few problems.

Find a way to be at peace with the path you are on and the birth you have. I don't mean just roll over to whatever the hospital wants, I mean just don't fight the parts you need.

One of the obs is a dr. reed. I've heard lots of good things about her. Discuss being delivered by an attending rather than a resident if that's important to you. Jim Macieulla (?sp) is one of the few obs in town who will deliver a breech baby vaginally.
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my sis-in-law was supposed to have DS1 at the birth center-now el rio- but had to go to TMC cause she was early. but the midwife came and everything that she wanted to have happen at the birth center happened at TMC- she got to have the room packed with family, my brother caught the baby, cut the cord and the baby didn't leave the room for hours and then only to have a general check cause he was 1week early- it was a really great experience and if i had to do be in a hospital i would go with a midwife to TMC- i don't know if you have a choose or not about which hospital you end up in but i'm just saying!
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I had dd1 there in 2000. It was horrible! They took her away and told me they would give her a bottle if they determined she needed it after I asked them to give no artificial nipples. Then when I was having trouble with bfing I asked to see the LC and they sent a 19 y/o aide who just glanced at me and told me I was fine. # weeks and cracked and bleeding nipples later, we figured it out on our own.

I was also told I would be getting birth control, not asked.

Needless to say I hated it. It was 8 years ago.
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There are two ladies in my centering group at the birth center who had TERRIBLE experiences at UMC, but those were also several years ago.

Have you considered St. Joseph? I know a couple of people who have recently birthed there (including one who needed a c-section b/c of a breech baby), and they LOVED it there. Apparently they have a very nice new birthing wing...

Good luck!
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I took nursing students to St. Joe's. I hated that rotation and wouldn't go back. That was before the new unit, but it's the staff that made it so bad. They really pushed technology and circumcisions.
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I just delivered at UMC and had a WONDERFUL experience. The nurses, physicians, and all the staff were great. I was able to nurse almost immediately after delivery and baby was with me 98% of the time except a few short visits to the nursery. Did not seem like a large teaching hospital at all. I would deliver there again in a heartbeat.
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