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Mopping up Monday

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Ok so I listed 20 things for Get a Grip Sunday and finished more than half. Now I'm mopping up Monday. The kids homeschool is done for the day and they are down for their afternoon rests, so I have time to finish up what needs to bed done. (And my husband and oldest son are working on the kitchen right now). So if anyone else is mopping up from the weekend please join me. Here is my list for the rest of the day.
  1. move toy sorter to girls room and fill with toys
  2. pack away infant clothes
  3. clean bathrooms
  4. clean floors
  5. cut out pieces to baby’s book and iron on
  6. laundry – washed, sorted, put away
  7. put plants in sunporch
  8. print dad’s stuff
  9. toy's for van
  10. pack up give away clothes for goodwill
  11. set up guestroom
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Well, I just saw the post and didn't want you to feel lonely so I thought I'd post even though I think I am mostly done with what I'm going to get done for the day!

I spent a bunch of time in the basement and got mostly finished. I got all of DD's clothes from birth to 2 years and all the random assorted baby gear all sorted, folded, put in plastic storage totes, and labeled with my fabby labelmaker. (I that thing!) We had already gone through the clothes before, and culled out a lot of them, but kept a bunch too. It's all stacked up decently in the unfinished area of the basement now, and I piled up the stuff for donating, a few things to sell, and a big box of stuff that goes to my sister.

I also dumped the water from the dehumidifier, put a bit of bleach in the receptacle and washed it out. (It had been sitting there for a while.)

I washed DD's cloth baby doll and dried it, and did two more loads of laundry.

I still need to get one more box for boxing up all my saris and the stuff that goes with them (DH is Indian so I sort of have two wardrobes, the regular American clothing and then a boatload of Indian clothing). And I need to replace a lid for one of the storage boxes, that DH had cracked in his enthusiasm in ripping it off a few weeks. So I need to go to the store for that too, and that may happen a bit later today.

I also need to get a dayplanner--I'm just starting to take some postpartum doula clients and need a calendar to take with me and a place to keep client info. I may do that later today, make a quick run to the office supply place up on the corner.

Ditto for the regular weekly cleaning--I usually do some vacuuming and mopping on Mondays, but that may get pushed to tomorrow.
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