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Visiting Cleveland...

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Hi Mamas,

I am going to be visiting Cleveland for a conference at the end of October. My DH and my 22mo DS will be coming along. I will be busy all day long at the conference, but I am looking for things for DH and DS to do while I am at conference sessions. We will have a car, so public transport is not essential (but preferred)...

So tell me, what is there to do in Cleveland for a Dad and a toddler??? I need three days of activities

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There are three places I'd recommend off the top- The Science Center, the children's museum, and the zoo (assuming the weather is okay...it is Cleveland after all).

All of those things are accessible by public transportation if you're staying downtown. It gets trickier if you're in the suburbs but it can still be done.

If you need more let me know.
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If they decide to drive out the suburbs: Huntington Beach on Lake Erie and the nature center across the street are fun. It is right on Lake Road in Bay Village, I think. Or maybe Avon Lake? should be google-able.

The metroparks are pretty for hiking too.
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The Botanical Gardens have a great children's garden and between that and the Natural History Museum you could have a very full day. In addition, I believe they now have a new bus line that runs right from downtown to University Circle so it should be an easy trip. Cleveland is a great place for munchkins!
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Originally Posted by She2dancer View Post
So tell me, what is there to do in Cleveland for a Dad and a toddler??? I need three days of activities

Hmm, I would definitely second the motion for the zoo, but here's my 2cents: The cleveland zoo is great, large and under construction. They will be having a Boo at the Zoo thing some time soon. The Akron zoo is smaller and more oriented for younger kiddos.

As for seasonal activities, there are several farms that are having pumpkin patches and fall activities. Patterson Family Farms is the first that comes to mind, but is not the closest. Check out www.cleveland.com for more, that's the Plain Dealer website.
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