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Looking for local breastmilk

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Hi ladies. I have a 3 month old son that I am predominantly breastfeeding. However, despite all efforts, I have a low milk supply. I have supplemented with formula, but my son must have some sort of protein allergy, as the only formula that works well for him is Nutramigen. I am hoping to find someone locally who would be willing to donate breastmilk so that I can supplement it with my own. I have looked into Milkshare, and that might be an option. However, I wanted to see if I could find someone locally.
I'm not really sure how this works.... any thoughts or ideas??
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Hi! I just saw this on new posts, hope you don't mind me jumping in. You can post on Milkshare for someone local. There are many moms on there from all over, so I would guess there would be plenty in DC area. You can also post to any moms/working moms/breastfeeding yahoo groups in your area to get local milk.

OTOH, Milkshare also has a lot of good info on shipping milk that can make it a lot easier to make the long-distance thing work. I have seen many people try to find milk locally and just end up opening it up to long distance because they can find so many more potential donors that way, and it really isn't all that difficult to ship.

Good luck! I applaud you for seeking out donor BM. It really is a great way to go.
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Hi I'm a member of Milkshare group and there are lots of mamas looking for a home for their excess milk now in our area. Join up and take a look.
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