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AP-friendly childcare

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Hi - I am a midwife who is working 3 days a week. My 3-yr-old son has been in daycare for that time for the past year and we have been so satisfied with his care. however, he has recently been moved into a preschool class and the teachers are not good. Not good at all. DH and I are so upset about this, but it seems we will need to move him.

Does anyone know of any childcare arrangements/daycares/preschools that have a spectacular 3-yr program in the Raleigh/Durham area? I am looking for a school that encourages free play and lots of gentleness. I would need this to be an all-day thing, MWF.

Or, anyone have some different perspectives on how to handle teachers with non-AP styles? I feel we're at an impasse.

Thanks so much!!

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Have you tried calling the local Childcare Resource & Referral office in your county? They can help you find daycare that will fit your needs. Also, they may know of some AP style daycares. If you can't find their number, you can always call your local Partnership for Children/ Smart Start office. They would have the number for them. Hope this helps.
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Hey Jill!!!! How are you?!?! If you ever need emergency care, give me a call. Some days I have nothing going on and could come over.

Hope you get some good suggestions here....

We need to get together.....
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Hey, Jill, are you on the CHDAP list?
This would be a great place to ask your question.
PM me and I can send you the link.
I can vouch for you since we've met in real life.
good luck,
(from CH LLL)
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