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OMG : I am freaking about it being 2yrs I followed your threads back then and it seems like a few months ago. But then it seems like both mine were just baby yesterday to and dd will be 8 and ds 4 in just a short time.
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Wow..... triplets born at home! Holy crap!!!! Congrats!!!!!
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*creeping out of special needs* They look great hun! they have grown so much!! I can't believe its been 2 years already.
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Originally Posted by blissful_maia View Post
: I remember that day so clearly... especially the never-ending update thread! What a beautiful, strong mama and amazing babies. Happy birth day to you and them!
exactly.. :
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Love your hair BTW!!
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Man time flies.

Happy B'day Happy B'day Happy B'day

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How beautiful, they are so BIG! You have a gorgeous family, Kathryn - hope they enjoy their day!
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Wow, 2 years already? Happy Birthday to your beautiful children. Such a special way that they came into the world!

I've wondered sometimes how you and Lily are doing, my cousin has a daughter with some similar special needs.
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someone needs to link to the labor thread!

kathryn, your babies are beautiful. i didn't realize your kids were so close in age to mine.
and wow- dakota is good with a camera!
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They've all gotten so BIG! I guess that's what happens isn't it!
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I can't believe they're TWO already! Congratulations to you and to them. They're just stunning.
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Thanks everyone! They've been enjoying their birthday present (Eezy Peezy ballpit/slide thingy) SO much. We got Lily two switch activated toys for her birthday and she's currently playing with one right now. It's a plastic ball/cow that moo's, dances, and vibrates. She thinks it's so hilarious, she's just laughing away.
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Thats wonderful! How are your kids doing health wise these days?
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oooooh i have tears in my eyes remembering that time kathryn. what i mostly recall was that your birthing connected so many mamas from all over who prayed and meditated for you as we waited with bated breath for the news. what a moving time coy max and lily brought me. how precious it was connecting with so many.

how inspiring your strength through everything, everything - the before, during and after. just amazing. how delightful to hear about lily laughing away. sooo moving to imagine her doing that when it could have been so different.

it wasnt just a home birthing triplets. it was sooooooo much more.

so thank you for sharing this thread and bringing back those precious memories to me. you are such an inspiration for everything you went thru - everything.
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: Happy Birthday Little Ones!!! So good to see you Kathryn.
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Holy Cow! A homebirth of triplets. Wow. Mama, you rock! Congrats.
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: : :

and : for big sis dakota as well

The boys start looking more and more alike it seems! So great to see you all.
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Happy Birthday babies! Happy Birthing Day K!
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Thanks for sharing! Beautiful as always. May their next year be full of blessings and breakthroughs.
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Happy Birthday Coy, Max and Lily!

Holy crap,you had a home birth of triplits! You rock in my book!:
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