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I'm Norwegian ethnically, and I fantasize daily about moving there, even though I've never been. I'm so sick of America these days.
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Originally Posted by almadianna View Post
I am going to be in Kjeller, anyone know of fun things to do there?
Apparently no one did - did you have any fun?
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Originally Posted by rabbitmum View Post
Apparently no one did - did you have any fun?
haha... well thats probably because kjeller is really teeny.

i will be there again in 3 weeks and in January i will be in trysil. there is not much to do there so maybe I should have asked where people recommend in Oslo since its closer.
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soo... it is possible that I will be moving to Lillestrom (close to Oslo).

Is anyone there? The other option is moving to Trondheim... but I think I will like the weather in Oslo better.

I will have a 4 year old and a two year old.
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if you end up in trondheim you won't be far from us in harjedalen sweden (sveg to be exact). i'm not looking forward to winter there, heard last year they got -35 for six weeks straight. that's north pole weather actually.
are you moving to norway from the US? permanently?
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i was there last winter when it was - 35. it was BAD.

yes from the US, possibly for 18 months to a year.. or longer if i like it.
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here in south-central sweden we had -20 last winter and i thought that was bad.

close to oslo sounds nicer. i know i'll stay in Harjedalen for only a year. it's a small village of 4000 people, closest big town is 2,5 hours away. i don't think i can do that for longer.
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