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October IUIs

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I'll be the first to start this thread. This is my third IUI and probably last.

I'm on clomid for the first time this month. I have 3 follicles maturing. It seems to be making me O later, but I also dropped some supplements that seemed to make me O earlier, so maybe that's it. I also had an acupuncture treatment - very interesting. I go for another one on Thursday evening. And then my IUIs should be Friday and Saturday.
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Hi Ellien,

Thanks for starting the thread. I have my IUI in 2 hours!! This will be my
4th IUI. The first 3 were done with Clomid. This cycle I was doing injectables (menopur). I am going into the IUI with possibly 5 mature eggs. Even though that is a lot, I am not feeling hopeful since I've never gotten pregnant before.

You are responding very well to the Clomid! I never produced more than 1 mature egg on Clomid, which I produce on my own. Are you having any side effects?

Good luck!

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Waiting for AF; IUI cancelled for September. Will start injectibles for this cycle, IUI #4. Still working on DH for using donor sperm (We have MFI). Lets make October the month for BFP's.
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natural mom, i'm so sorry your cycle was cancelled. If you have any questions about injectables just let me know and I can try to help.

afm, i just got back from my 4th IUI. i'm disapointed in dh's sperm count. usually it's between 12-34 million. this time it was 7.8million. the NP said they look for it to be about 5mill, so i know it's not horrible but i just wonder why it was so much lower than normal.

i'm feeling very pessimistic right now. i just made a mani/pedi appointment on the day i should be getting af. that way i have something good to look forward to! hopefully, i will be celebrating...

i hope there are many bfps this month!!!
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Snowbell- Sorry about your numbers being so low. You have 2 advantages. 1) Your sample is fresh 2)It only takes 1 sperm
I have so many questions about injectibles. Can I PM you?
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yes, definitely PM me.
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We are going in for an IUI tomorrow morning. We use donor sperm, and in the past (when I was ttc), we would do two IUIs per cycle (same day and day after positive OPK). But now we only have one vial of our donor's sperm left (the sperm bank sold out years ago, and we bought this last vial from another family who used the same donor), and we are going to use it to try and get my dw pregnant. She didn't take clomid so she only has one follicle (we have been monitoring by u/s). Yesterday the follicle was measuring 18mm so last night I gave her the HCG trigger shot and tomorrow morning we'll go in for the insemination. We are pretty nervous. And excited. Hopeful and yet trying not to get our hopes up. I think I will feel better once we are securely in the 2ww and we don't have to wonder about the timing anymore.

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Okay, I'm in again. I'm currently 6dpo. I was getting excited b/c I've been having GI issues and sore breasts the last two days. But I just remembered that the HCG shot does that. Drats. The first time I did an HCG shot it didn't have this effect but it was half the dose as this one. So, anyway...

Ellien C. -- good luck on clomid! Sounds like you're responding well! May this be your month!

Snowbell -- 7.8 isn't that bad. I realize relative to your DH's numbers it's low, but it's not bad. Plus you have five targets!

natrualmom -- I'm rooting for you!

lex -- good luck! I understand what you mean about the tww. As much as I dread those two weeks and as long as they are, I only have one doctor's visit to check progesterone. It's nice to have a break from them (for me and my wallet!).
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Natrualmom . . .sorry to hear your iui was cancelled

Fingers crossed for everyone . . . hopefully there will be lots of bfps this month!!

Me . .. I am feeling less than hopeful at this point. I am 13dpo, bfn this a.m.. I know it ain't over until af shows, but . . . well, you've all been there, you know what kind of feeling I mean. That sort of fatalistic, "I'll never be pg, so why get my hopes up" kind of feeling.

I think that if AF shows this cycle we will be taking next cycle "off" - no drugs, no iui. The drugs are just throwing me for a loop, yk? I am feeling relieved to take a month off, but sad as well in a way since I just want to do whatever we can to get that BFP so that this rollercoaster can be OVER.
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The IUI this morning went pretty well, I think. Dw's cervix was nice and open, so I think we got the timing right at least. The part that freaked me out was that they handed us the vial of thawed sperm and told us to go and wait for our name to be called. Previously (at a different office), I'd always been ushered in for the IUI just as the sperm was finished thawing out. This time, we had to wait for about 20 minutes or so. And I'm just sitting there thinking, "the sperm are DYING!" I put it in my bra to keep it at body temperature, and tried to stay calm. And meanwhile, poor dw feels like her bladder is going to burst open (because of the structure of her cervix/uterus, it's best for her to have a full bladder for IUIs), and so we were both kind of a mess. But then the procedure went smoothly and now all we can do is wait patiently, I guess. And eat pineapple. .

: for attached2mason. Hoping the test was just too early.

eternalsunshine: the hcg shot sure does mess with you, doesn't it? Dw hasn't really had any symptoms from hers yet. When did you start to feel them?

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I am out . AF arrived right on schedule this morning.

Sigh . . . I think I did all my crying/mourning in advance this week - spent the week totally miserable, so now I think I'm all cried out . . . time to move on to our "break" month.
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Attahed I am very sorry for you. I am having a 'break' too. Only not by my choosing. Please hang in there and come back to join us for next month. Spend the month as best you can, hope to see you back soon
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Lex-Hope the 2ww is quick an productive. Keep us posted

Ellien- Praying for success for you. Hoping you and Lex start a BFP trend around here. Boy, do we ever need the morale booster.

Sunshine- By POD 6 the trigger should be out of your system! Hoping the symptoms continue
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Thanks natrualmom!! The support helps loads.
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Attached -- I'm sorry AF came. I hope you have a good month off and come back recharged.

Lex -- I felt the heartburn exactly four days after the trigger shot. The other GI symptoms and sore breasts started about 12-24 hours later. The GI stuff has continued but the breasts feel a little better. Now they just feel full and several times a day I get an even fuller, tingly sensation for a few minutes. I feel like it's still the trigger shot lingering in my body. As for the GI stuff, that may be totally unrelated to TTC and necessitate a visit to my regular doc. Ugggg, not more doctors!

Off to get my progesterone checked this morning. Hopefully I won't need supplements.

Good day to all!
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We went on Saturday and we'll go again tomorrow morning. We were not able to complete our assigned DTD last night - DH has this problem which is why we went IUI. Wish us luck for tomorrow. My clomid was just fine - I really had no sideeeeeeeeeeee266666666666666666666520tg

(sorry- cat walked on key board!)

side effects. I felt the tiniest twinge today of perhaps and egg coming out. I hope yesterdays sperm are still safe and waiting for it!

I'm seeing an acupuncture-TCM guy. His other patient had big problems on clomid and she totally hated it. I didn't really feel anything. He's optimistic that it's the right drug for me. And another patient of his had twins after she stopped trying with a fertility doc. Good luck to everyone else!
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# 2 iui for this month also

Hi, brand new here just registered and trying to learn how to work this. just looking for someone going through the same thing and glad i found it. Just got a BFN after my 2ww from our first iui. Had 4 eggs with 10milion washed sperm, anyone know if this is good odds, i thought it was but guess not. Diagnosed with very mild pcos, re says this should not be causing the problem. They say dh sperm was sluggish but was just fine when washed. so confused and fustratedmy flow just started today so back to re wed for clomid again and getting ready for iui#2. throwing lots of baby dust on all of you. Hoping for bfp soon. :
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just editing my profile and checking if it worked
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Hello- Baseline US and estradiol today (CD#4) All is ok. Started Letrazole for 4 days, injectables for 3 after that, the US and estradiol next Monday. Here we go.....
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All right natrualmom! Glad you're getting started again and didn't have to wait a long time for AF!

I have a few more days in my 2ww. Feeling tired and PMS'y so I'm not too optimistic. But we'll see...
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