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Is anyone else doing injectables? I am in my two week wait during my 1st cycle of injectables. I am so bloated! It is crazy how big my stomach is. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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We're at 4dpo and dw is feeling somewhat more tired and hungry than usual. I attribute both of these symptoms to the hcg trigger shot, since I think it's too early for real pregnancy symptoms. No sore boobs, though, which surprised me since mine were outrageous with the trigger shot.

I'm guessing that the first real symptom we'd notice if dw was pg would be a lack of PMS moodiness since I can always predict when dw's AF is coming just by her mood (usually a few days before AF).

We're trying to remain calm and hopeful.

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Snowbell- Will start injections on Friday. I was warned of bloating. When are you getting scanned? The nurse said sometimes the fluid can leak from the ovaries. This is considered overstimulation and watch out for shortness of breath. Hope you hang in there.
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naturalmom, why should i watch out for shortness of breath?? it's strange you should say that because today it has been very hard for me to breath. i just said to dh how i am having trouble breathing (taking in deep breaths). but i do have asthma, so i was atributing it to that. hmmm...maybe i'll put in a message to my dr. tomorrow...

also, what's the scan? the only 'next step' i know of is i go in for a blood test next wednesday.

good luck starting the injectables on friday!! are you doing lupron shots right now?
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Snowbell- I did not mean to cause alarm. The nurse says if you are overstimulating, fluid is leaking from your ovaries into your tissues and vascular system and putting too much pressure on your heart and lungs causing shortness of breath. Look up Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome. A scan is an ultrasound to see how many follicles you are growing. I am guessing the bloodwork is to check estrogen? Anyway, it would not hurt to put a call into your doc if you are still short of breath. I hope I did not scare you.
I am doing letrazole now, which supresses estrogen to stimulate follicle growth. The injectibles on Friday continue that without supressing estrogen anymore, because drugs that supress estrogen can thin the uterine lining, giving the little embryo nowhere to stick.
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no you didn't alarm me naturalmom.

i already had lots of u/s. (there were 2 mature eggs and 3 right behind them at my final u/s.) i am now in my 2ww and won't receive anymore (unless I get preganant). the bloodwork i referenced is the pregnancy hcg test which i'll take next wed. my re doesn't do estrogen blood work unless they think you are at risk. i sort of wish they did do it for me. will you be getting your estrogen checked?

how's everyone else doing?
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Well, I'm back!!! Took last month off b/c we were away on vacation and wouldn't be around at the prime time for the iui so figured we just go "old school" on our own and kinda stop trying so hard (stopped temping, monitoring and scheduled dtd and just did it when we wanted) but still didn't get that BFP like i would have liked. So that whole "just stop trying" thing didn't work for us last month. Anyways, i have been lurking around here again but just haven't posted much lately. I'm not fully back into temping again but started up again yesterday to help pin point O. So today was my 2nd IUI (2nd ever, that is). It went a little better than the last one this time it only took two nurses to get it and the dr didn't have to show up to finally get it, so that was nice. i guess my cervix does this funny turn or something to the left. Another funny quirk with my body to add to the list. When she finally got it through and injected them i felt cramping worse than last time which i think is good b/c that shows she is in the right place, i think. The cramping pain radiated all the way down to my tailbone even. Right now i just feel really crampy and even sore walk or just sit. I kinda feel like i got hit in my lower abdominal area by the fertility truck!!! I had to pee so bad when i got home i couldn't hold it or my bladder was going to burst. i hope i didn't lose any. we had like 16.8 million swimmers competing for the egg this time and the motility was 91% which was even better than last time. so fingers crossed and the dreaded tww now starts!!!! time will tell. they told me we should dtd tonight, but i feel so sore and crampy that i just can't even imagine dtd right now. i can't hardly put my leg into my pjs without it hurting. Anyone else have this much discomfort after their IUI? It wasn't like this last time, at least i don't recall. Good luck to the rest of you out there too!!! Anyone else just starting their tww and want to be cycle buddies????????
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Welcome back to assisted ttc, blueyezz! I never had cramping with any of my IUIs, but I have heard of it happening. My cervix is wonky too and they always had to use the tenaculum to hold it in place (ouch!). My dw's cervix is tilted/curved as well, and they told her to have a full bladder for the IUI and everything went really smoothly (but it sounds like maybe you had a full bladder for yours too).

Nearly at 7 dpo . . . just waiting for the trigger shot hcg to wear off so that we can know if dw's symptoms are real or not. Today she was super crampy. She's also been hungry and tired (falling asleep early the past few nights). I think we'll have a better idea of what's real and what's not in a few more days.

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Lex-- I had the tenaculum once and it will never happen again!!! Sounds good with your dw!!! Fingers crossed.

Blue- My 2nd IUI was super crampy (but I attribulted that to the tenaculum!!) Good luck on the 2WW
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Lex - thanks for the warm welcome back!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you and your DW!! Love your blog by the way!! I've looked at it several time throughout the year now and you should be a writer or are you one??

Naturalmom - nope, don't think they used a tenaculum on me for my iui's they just used that spreader thing that they normally use when you have a pap done. still crampy today and sore. Even just to walk around or sit down i feel like i have to move slowly.

It is weird... i took a hpt tonight just for fun to see if the hcg is still in my system from the shot and it was a bfn. i just gave myself the shot at like 2:30 in the morning on tues so you would think it would still be there wouldn't you? i did drink a lot of water for dinner though, so maybe that is what the problem is. who knows. last time i think it took like 8 days before it left my system. weird!
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Blue- Really odd about the BFN! Whats up with that? Hope you are feeling better.
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So, I can't believe I have never found this on this board with all the lurking I do!

Last month's IUI was a bust. I am on BCP right now because of a cyst. I will stop the BCP next week and see when AF shows for the cd3 ultrasound. Then we will do letrozole/follistim. I think if all goes well we will do the IUI the week of Halloween. MAKE ME A PUMPKIN!!!

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Blessed- Hey, I am doing the letrazole-follistim thing now, starting the follistim this a.m. Did they test your estrogen in regards to your cyst? I ask because I wonder why they used bc pills to suppress. I developed a bunch of little cysts and they tested my estrogen and said it was low enough to start letrazole.
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blueyezz -- Sounds like maybe the nurses hit a nerve. Hopefully it's getting better. Not sure what to make about the negative test. Good luck w/the TWW! You have alot of swimmers so sounds promising!

On to the next cycle for me. AF showed. The worst part of this cycle was the HCG trigger shot symptoms. Last month I didn't have many but this month they were strong and lasted until 12dpo. Then nothing.

Next IUI in about 2 weeks. It'll be completely unmedicated - no trigger, just old fashioned temping and OPKs! In the meantime I need to find an endocrinologist for my husband's MF -- he's being treated w/clomid based on his labs from several months ago and his numbers and motility went to normal 3 months later and now they've tanked. Not sure why but the doc treating him is out of state and refuses to order any tests here and wants our primary to (primary doesn't want to, of course). My DH thinks it's just stress (he has been very stressed at work), but I feel we need a local doc to follow him.

Good luck to all of you in your TWW!
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Girls, I have such a heavy heart... My BFP success story came to an end :

On 9th Oct, I started to bleed, and it unfortunately ended in a miscarriage at 5 weeks. I know it wasn't that far along into the pregnancy - but it doesn't stop the pain. DH & I have been waiting so long to get a BFP, and we were over the moon when it happened - talking endlessly about what the future held for us.

I can't believe we're back to square 1...

I'll be calling the RE on Monday to update them on the situation, and see where we go from here. I expect we won't have another IUI until I get a 'proper' AF...
Has anyone here got any experience on what happens post-miscarriage? And what the protocol usually is concerning fertility treatment, etc?

In the meantime, I hope to see many BFP's on this and future IUI threads... and have my fingers crossed that those little BFP's be sticky little things.
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Soc, I am so sorry. I don't have any answers to your questions but I wanted to send you a big hug.
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I'm so sorry Soc. My heart goes out to you.
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Soc, I'm so sorry. My heart goes out to you and your husband. I don't know what the protocol is but I couldn't read and not post.
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Soc - I read your post and i just kept saying "oh no" "oh no" and my DH was like what is the matter???? I can't believe it!!! I'm so sorry to hear your news!! I will be keeping you and your DH in my thoughts and prayers. I don't know what your next step would be, but be sure to take care of yourself!!!!
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Soc- I am so sorry.
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