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Some of us early November mama's could be having babies this month!! YIKES!!

And the rest, only have ONE month!!!:
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And when someone asks us when we're due, we can ALL say "Next month!" :
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Eeek. Can I have another 3 months, please? But I don't want to feel pregnant, so I can I just go backwards for a little bit? Please?
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Yeah, I could easily give birth this month, thats CRAZY!!!!
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Where has the time gone? So not ready!!
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This is so exciting! : : :
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I'm technically due at the end of this month! YIKES!
I totally forgot it's October until I got onto the computer this morning!
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I feel like running around and simultaneously shouting WOOHOO! :::and HOLY CRAP!

Where has the time gone mamas?!
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WOW! I'm just excited! I feel like I'm on that mail order wait... 6-8 weeks this baby will be here. COD's accepted (cute on delivery)

I'm getting closer on my knit items too. I can't wait to post pictures when they are FINALLY done! I'm doing a maternity/nursing cardigan and some "happy labor" socks.
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My doctor told me I was good to go Friday! I hope Smudge doesn't come that early though.
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wow, i hadn't even realized it was october! holy crap.

honestly though, i'm ready to have this baby and not be pregnant anymore, haha!
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Wow, cool! I am only 33 weeks I feel I still have plenty time to prepare.
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Now that it's October, and as mentioned, I can say "I'm due next month", it's finally hitting me that I am inching towards the end of this looong pregnancy! For some reason I was just so excited this morning that it was finally October!
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i was so coming to post this exact thread!!! i can't believe it is already oct. I could have my baby in about a week and a half! YIKES!!!!
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