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need some quick advice about tetanus

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My unvaxed 3yo just scraped her foot on a nail sticking up through our floor (in a partially uncarpeted room that we don't normally spend time in). I've always heard "make it bleed" -- so I squeezed and finally got what seemed to be a minuscule amount of blood to come out, rinsed the area with plain water, and put her sock back on.

Should I be concerned about tetanus? I don't want to stress her by squeezing more. She's not diabetic, so I think her blood flow/circulation, is good about getting oxygen to all parts of her body.

Thanks for any advice!
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I personally wouldn't worry. If you want to and have hydrogen peroxide on hand you can clean it out with that. In 8 years of parenting I can only remember using it once myself. We usually just rinse with clean water too. Dp recently had a thorn that went about an inch and a half under his nail. He does grounds work and maintenance. He removed it but there was a black line of debri for several days. Yuck. It did cross my mind as a more 'classic' type of tetanus wound, but we didn't worry. I did ask him to clean it with peroxide, but he refused to try to open it up at all so it did little good, lol. I dosed him with vitamin C, and offered to make him echinacea tea, he said no. Oh and I had him soak it in salt water too. But all of that wasn't for fear of tetanus, but to help prevent some other type of infection, which is MUCH more likely. He hugs toilets and crawls into other peoples' bath tubs and such, yk? Two people at the townhome complex he works at (our previous home) have had MRSA and he has worked in both homes. The man is always getting scratched and banged up! Usually he just rinses with water.
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Thanks, Miss Ruby! It's so cool to run into you again -- I hadn't seen you around here for awhile!

I feel better, especially as I keep reminding myself that blood carries oxygen and oxygen kills tetanus.

The only actual case I know of was of a boy who stepped on a fish-bone, which went about an inch or so into his foot and stayed in his foot for about a week, until he complained to his parents and they took him to the ER. But he did live through the tetanus with treatment.
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Hey to you too. Blushing here at being remembered by you! Posting as little as I do, I tend to feel unmemorable, lol. Anyhow, healing vibes for your dd. I hope it isn't sore. I would just keep an eye out for a few days for any sign of redness. I personally love warm salt soaks for this sort of thing.
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Well, she has complained a couple of times of soreness. I'm hoping it'll feel better tomorrow. I sure will look out for signs of redness. Thanks again!
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Tetanus doesn't have anything to do with nails. Tetanus bacteria are anaerobic, so they can't live in the presence of oxygen. Your floor is not likely to be covered in dirt and/or feces, so your daughter would be fine. Scrapes aren't the problem - deep puncture wounds that aren't cleaned are.
I hope your DD feels better now!
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Thanks, she does!
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