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Fall into October -- Albuquerque

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I always wanted to do this, thanks for letting me indulge.

This is coming! : :
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Wow the babies are getting big!

Crazy, there is nothing wrong with N. He's just like Little S. Very interested in moving, who cares about that sitting still business. I anticipate a very active toddler in your future.

Little S figured out how to shake his head yes and no and now won't say Mama anymore. I know he didn't always mean it for me, but it was still nice to hear. Good news is since he weaned, he's an eating machine! He hasn't refused anything lately and has eaten all of his meals entirely. Sometimes he eats more than S! I'm currious to see if he'd eat avocado now since before he wouldn't even touch it (neither with S or dh.)

We're still sick. Runny noses and soar throats in all of us. Dh is working from home today which is nice. He much prefers the noise of two crazy toddlers to that of his coworkers.
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elm - sorry they are sick

kmj - i cannot believe i still have yet to meet your littlest one

crazy - me and dh were laughing about how all 3 babies do something completely different. I cant wait to see how the gender stereotype stuff plays out. Already M makes these ma and ba sounds and ds was looking at her like "woah!" and all he does is gurgle and grunt and giggle. And i cant beliueve that N can crawl like that. C just doesnt get the forward motion thing. He gets so mad and cries. After i posted last night he pulled up again and then tried to fall and hit his head. Kid has no idea about gravity. He thinks he can pull up then let go

My house is a disaster - there are half unpacked bags everywhere - clean clothes piled up on every available surface and no clean cups...i should probably do something about that today
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I. am. so. tired. Seriously! Pregnancy is wiping me out! And having stairs in this house is torture. I'm winded by the time I get upstairs or downstairs and want to lay down just from walking up steps! If I'm like this at 2 months, what's it gonna be like when I reach 8???
Any tips for reducing nursing toddler sessions gently while pregnant? Issy keeps waking up during the night and DH won't do anything to help out getting her back to her own bed. It wouldn't bother me so much except Philip has been nursing nonstop during the night and day because of the drop in my supply. Right now Issy is even begging to nurse! I wanted to do child-led-weaning but it's just beyond wearing me out right now to be nursing two while pregnant with sore breasts. I don't mind continuing to nurse Philip but Issy is getting to be too much for me.
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Linz, wow! What a hero mommy you are to be nursing two and growing another simultaneously. I bow to you. I've never nursed during a pg or tandem nursed, my kids all shun the boob around 18 months.

Elm, so sad that he's stopped saying mama but hooray that he's eating so much! It's funny sometimes how emotionally invested we moms get in our LO's appetites.

I watched N on the move last week at elm's and was astounded. I don't want H to see it, I want him to stay little little little!

ASF, I want to meet your little C and Eman's M, too. Hoping it all aligns soon. Somehow, when I make plans to do something it all falls apart, but if it's spur-of-the-moment I can pull it off. Drives me crazy because I'd rather live and die by my schedule.
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Sorry about the sickness.

Linz, I never said "no" I just said only a "short nurse". Since I have no supply once I get preggers it was easier to just grin and bear a few seconds for them to realize nothing was coming out. Once they are past being little babies I didn't have a problem setting limits with my body.

So D is having problems being a soccer coach, apparently upper level govt clearance isn't good enough for local soccer
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Thanks elmh. You're right, I bet I'm going to have one crazy-active toddler. E got a bit of that cold or whatever your kids have, from playgroup last week. No real sickness, just a little runny nose.

ASF - you're so right about our 3 babes. N has started "talking" and "singing". It's too funny! No real grunty noises, but he does sound like he's talking some alien language.

Emans - I like the "3 mos old" rule. N must really be advanced for crawling at "3 mos" LOL

So, I've had to officially retire the infant carrier because he's now 20lbs and we were using an older Snugride that has a 20lb limit. DD outgrew it by height first, so I'm a little surprised N has outgrown it be weight first. I've got one carseat to purchase. DD is using a Blvd in my parent's car so I'm thinking of getting a Frontier or Nautilus for her and using the Blvd to replace the Snugride. ASF can I take a look at your Frontier next time I see you? I've never seen one in person. I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to buy it over the Nautilus.
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Originally Posted by Eman'smom View Post

So D is having problems being a soccer coach, apparently upper level govt clearance isn't good enough for local soccer
That's weird -- it was good enough for Zia Little League!
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I could not nurse 2 while pg. I have no advice - only

i uploaded the disney pics - link on my thread at the other place
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Nursing one during pregnancy was enough. I put a LOT of boundrys on nurisng when I couldn't handle it any more. It was either that or me going crazy.

Crazy, sorry for sharing. It started has just a runnt nose for S to and developed from there. Hopefully it remains mild at your house.
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Crazy - C *loves* her Nautilus, but I know nothing about the Frontier.

Linz - Have you checked the breastfeeding board? There may be some helpful advice on the child-led weaning area. Having nursed C through pregnancy, I can't imagine trying to nurse two! :

Kermit - Your water kefir is ready whenever you are....

asf - looks like it was a fun trip!

So, anyone meeting today or tomorrow? C and DH are driving each other crazy this morning.
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Crazy, we have a Nautilus in my mom's car and I tried S in ASF's Frontier. She has more room in the Nautilus. The Nautilus is a nice seat and I like that it's the last seat I'll need to buy S for my mom's car.

Blue, I'll pm you later about that sourdough starter.
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Hey if anyone isn't in the ABQ Moms group on yahoo and is interested, we are doing a group buy of Pedipeds and need a few more pairs to meet minimums. Figured I'd mention it since it's co-op pricing and local delivery so no extra shipping to deal with for ordering. You can find info about it here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ABQMoms/message/6600
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OK elmh.

So, in weird but interesting baby news, baby Z has two differently colored eyes - one blue, one brown! For the past week I have been trying to convince myself it was still covered with blood from the birth, like his other eye (both had lots of hemorrhaging). But so far it hasn't cleared yet. But it might. Or it might not. Who knows? Weird, huh?!
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How interesting! I had a friend all through grade/middle/high school who had that. He wore colored contacts in HS part of the time to cover it up, but I always found it facinating.
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blue- wow - that is really rare. I cant wait to see the newbie again - he was a little cutie.

So, in addition to the insanity i posted on the other board yesterday mr Cwated to tryand rival his sisters behavior.
He didnt take a single nap all day but instead yelled and screamed and carried on all day. Then at about 5 he was so so so drowsy. So i layed in bed with him and he proceeded to nurse/scream/flail around/roll around the bed/backwards crawl for the next 2 hours. All with his eyes closed.

then last night both he and sis had a hard time. He did more of the screaming bit and moving all around - at one point he grabbed the headboard and stood up. Then he fell on my face. Big sis tried getting in my bed like 7 times and when we finally had ds asleep at 5am - she yelled loudly until we were all awake and made dh go with her to the potty.

I feel like a zombie and my nipples feel like ground beef. :

oh, and yesterday mr C stood up in the sink (where he bathes a few times a day) and tried to climb out

I told dh tonight he needs to find a way for me to get more then 2 hours of sleep at a stretch.

bleh - are there plans for next week yet?
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We're still sick. I cancelled Little S's SLP nad OT appt today so we have those rescheduled for next week. We could host next week except Monday (OT is coming at 11:15, so not great timing.)

S has been at Anodyne's house all morning (will be coming home soon) and Little S just fell asleep on my lap. Dh and I are here without any little people and it's oddly quiet.
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Hope everyone is feeling better !!!!

My mom flew in today for the week for fiesta !! I started getting weepy when I saw her my L just clung to her he was so happy to see her. They are really bonded. He was asking me when could he fly alone to visit her. EEKK ! only a few years from now he could do that.

Blue- i have to get you this cast before soemthing happens to it. I'm not gonna do anything else to it for fear of ruining it. It looks as good as my skills will permit.

Birth center benefit is tomorrow night. Wish us luck raising lots of money. I really want a new job.

Miss you guys.
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elm - sorry the kids are still sick

doularn - yay for your mama being here. I hope you all have fun fiesta-ing :

I tried a new trick last night - i nursed barracuda on BOTH sides before bed and he slept for 4 hours straight for the first time in months. AND he only woke up every 2 hours after that. THEN i kicked him and dh out at 9 and slept from 9-10 alone.
I think he has a skin sensitivity to strawberries He has eaten them before and had no issue but yesterday i have him 3 in his highchair. WEll he happily rubbed them all over his face and then ate them all. His cheeks were red all day after that. They looked like how my skin looks if i use a rose conatining product. So no berries for him for awhile. Poor guy - he loooooves them. :

ETA - soes anyonne have one of those baby bath rings i could borow for a few months? DS thinks standing up in the bath is fun and i think it would be harder for him if he was a bit contained. I would just rather not set foot into bru if possible
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elmh - E hasn't gotten any sicker, so I think the runny nose was it. Hope you guys recover quickly.

Blue - sounds like he has heterochromia, which is actually pretty rare in humans! But I would say that it's hard to say for sure until his eye color has settled. . so maybe in a few months?

doularn - good luck with the benefit! I'm glad your mom is here and you'll all be having some fun at the fiesta. How sweet that L wants to go visit her alone.

ASF - Barracuda is right! LOL I'm glad you found a way to get him to sleep longer. Sorry about the strawberries! I was curious about it so i googled and read that white strawberries are not allergenic. . .maybe find some or grow your own?

So N started a new trick a few days ago where he gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. Then collapses on his tummy and scoots around. Real crawling is around the corner, I think! Still no attempt at sitting. LOL I put him in a sitting position and he can hold it for a few seconds, then falls over and starts crawling. I have no idea if he falls over because he can't keep his balance or because he's bored and wants to start crawling.

I think I've decided on the Nautilus. Thanks all for your opinions! I'm going to try E in one and if she likes it, I'll order one.

So here's a cute story (NOT). . .we went out to eat with the ILs last night. They don't spend a lot of time around N, so were surprised how different of baby he is compared to E. So I'm just talkin' and saying how he doens't nap and hardly sleeps well on his own unless I'm sleeping right next to him, so we all sleep together. My FIL got this horrified look on his face and was like "You have GOT to stop that!!!". I was stunned. I mean, we coslept with DD too, so I thought that at some point in the last 3.5 years they would have known that. The only thing I could think of was "We did with E too and we're OK with it." That shut him up, but you could tell he was fuming and wanting to say something else. I'm 100% confident in my decision to co-sleep, but gees.
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