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ASF, just grease him up and stick him in the bumbo in the tub I hadn't thought of a bath seat, M might like that.

Crazy families are nuts, D's mom was worried we wouldn't get any errr couple time if we co-slept.

I was outted at soccer today for using cloth, big deal but the lady who couldn't believe I'd homebirth (because you can't get an epidural at home) was throughly sickened.

I had two moles removed this week at the dermtologist. Lets just say that toe stitches aren't a lot of fun.
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Wow, Eman, sounds like that lady has issues. Sorry about the toe stitches.

Crazy, that's what Little S did. He army crawled for about 2 weeks and then got up on hands and knees to crawl after that. Once he could do that, he figured out how to sit. Doesn't mean he did it often, but he knew how. I think he figured out how to pull up before sitting but I don't really remember.

S has figured out to touch her tongue to her nose. She's been trying for a while after seeing me do it. Mama's proud!

Little S has been saying "whoa" all day. Way cute. Now if only he'd say real words!

We're still sick. Dh is to the point that if he's not well by Monday he's going to the doctor. The man HATES doctors and doesn't trust them at all, so for him to say this it must be bad! I just have a runny nose and soar/itchy throat. Little S has a runny nose and Sarah is just bored.
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We would love to host on Thurs. for pg. If anyone will have us.

Anodyne weaned. ::::
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to Anodyne and to Mama.
I'm sure Ana will join the Land of the Weaned soon, too.
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S is coughing again, I'm feeling worse, Little S is now coughing and dh is passed out asleep after coughing all night. I have a feeling we'll be at the doc in the morning.

BIL and SIL plus nephews came down this weekend to go to the fiesta. We only saw them for a few hours last night because it was made perfectly clear that we were not welcome at MIL's house on Friday night. I thought it was just us, but dh's sister J (the one with the new baby) wasn't allowed over either. So I've decided that MIL has completely gone off the deep end.
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I cannot believe the rain last night! That was crazy!

elm - ugh - your mil is a real wackadoo!

crazy - my ils said the same thing about cosleeping - i shot them down because...i think it is fun

annodyne - for weaning

emans - you dirty hippy! i am surprised they let your kids play soccer! Mole removal sucks more then you think it will - esp on the foot.
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Elm, I'm sorry you are still so sick. Hopefully a trip to the doc will help. And your MIL is...odd.

for Anodyne weaning.

Eman's, the worst pain I've ever felt came from the shots they put in my big toe to take off the toenail after a freak accident with the bottom of a door. Ow ow ow, I can't even think about it without cringing.

ASF, sending sleep your way! H has been sleeping through the night for several weeks. He hated the bassinet we had and didn't like to be in our bed all night, but loved the be on the floor on a little mat with his boppy. He's finally too squirmy for that so we grabbed a crib from someone at church, put it in our daughter's room and put him there to sleep last night (sadly, I might add). He loved it, slept 90 minutes longer than normal. He reminds me of J, our oldest. J didn't like to be in our room either.

Blue, should I come pick that up or is it something you can bring to playgroup on Thursday?

I adored the rain last night...bring more! Thank goodness we got the pool drained and the cover on beforehand. We never could get a good balance on the water this summer, so we'll start fresh next year, withOUT chlorine.
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Sounds fine for Thursday if M's buggers clear up we can make it.

Sorry about the sickness, try to ignore the crazies.

I got a good nurse to do the shot, I barely felt it. The worst pain ever was wisdom teeth, I don't know how anyone makes it through that.

I loved the rain and none of the skylights leaked : R was devistated that the fiesta wasn't going to happen.
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Okay I LOVE the rain but C was very upset when she was up and dressed "early" for fiesta and we couldn't go because of the rain.

Anodyne- she needs to talk to C. C is now saying she is still nursing (she actually only nurses every few days now, she once went a week) but disolves in tears when we talk about stopping nursing altogether. I told her she needs to talk to R who stopped at four. C is now trying to negtiatye for five years old to stop nursing. Its cute but I feel bad for her too.

Benefit was great, dinner was good. TIme with Dh was nice. Things are really starting to happen with the birth center. I'll fill you in when I see you. Mom and I are going to try to get to Sante Fe on Thursday.

When is everyone fiestaing?
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ASF did you get (and would you be willing to share) your magic pass?

We are thinking of going to a glow. Even though we are up that early :yawning: we aren't sure we want to be out that early.

DoulaRN and Anodyne, the weaing thing was a mixed bag, we talked about it for so long but she still trying to stall a bit. But only asked once after her birthday.
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We're bad Albuquerqueans (is that right?) We never do the fiesta. Dh and at least S (and probably Little S) were actually going to go on Saturday with BIL but then we got out super horrible cold. Maybe next year.

So don't laugh but I finally got through all the clothes that we got from the last trade (when Little S was a little baby) and the clothes we got from Doularn sometime before summer. Little S is set! And doularn, he LOVED L's stuff! It's Transportation heaven for him!

eta: Dh is finally off his bum and at work today. He still was coughing this morning, but not as bad. He was going to stop off at Walgreens to get some cough drops to coat his throat and just keep to himself all day.
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Forgot to post it, but does anyone need boys shoes under size 7? Doularn had a lot in the box of clothes, but Little S has giant feet and wears an 8. There is also a pair of girls water shoes in there (I think size 5 or 6.) Let me know.
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Give me the bad mommy award. Went to get B some new shoes b/c he's been complaining about his size 3's. He wears a SIZE 5. What 7 yo wears a size 5? Thank goodness a very nice sales clerk came over and measured his foot, b/c I didn't believe him that the 4 was too small.:
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Same thing happened with Little S except he wasn't complaining. His feet were covered in blisters instead. He was in size 5 and needed size 7. Whoops! How big are your dh's feet? Mine has huge feet (size 13) so ds is just following in his footsteps (literally.)
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I so hope the kids dont get dhs big boats - he wears a size 15 and it is so hard to find shoes for him

I think we could use the shoes unless someone closer to the size needs them. Ds is in a 4 i think - um - i should proably put shoes on him since it is apparently winter all the sudden.

I hate doing the "great clothing exchange" when the seasons change. I keep a dresser for each kid downstairs so i am not trucking it up and down all the time but man - taking all the tank tops upstairs and draggin all the long sleevers down is getting tiring. C does like playing fashion show and trying on the new clothes though

blue - i have more boy clothes for you.

comommy - i am pretty sure we have all done that - i know when i thought c was in a 6 she fit into the 8s and i was
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That's the joy of R loving shoes, she has learned that if she says shoes are too small she gets new ones.

I love driving E to school the balloons are amazing.
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so i posted about mno on the other board. I want...NEED MNO soon - before my classes start - cmon!
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I enjoy the balloons, but DH hates crowds so we haven't been to the fiesta for many years. I want to take C sometime, because I know she will really dig the balloons up close.

Awesome asf - the boy seems to go through lots of clothes!

C is quickly going into size 7 territory with shoes - I had to take out almost half her shoes because they don't fit her anymore. When we got that pile of shoes from doularn, C happily tried them all on, prounouncing some of them as "too small" even if they fit just fine. I think she just wanted more new shoes! She adores those purple crocs though! :

Since MIL is in town we are going to go to the farm for more raw milk. Anyone want some this trip?? I think we may go tomorrow or Thursday...

Oh, and Z freaked me out yesterday by trying to roll over twice. I'm hoping it was a fluke because that is WAY too early!! :

BTW, are we doing anything as a group this Halloween? It was fun last year, but since no one has mentioned anything so far this year, I wasn't sure.

elmh - I haven't forgotten about your sourdough yet. I just haven't been able to sit at the computer to type it up for you in a couple of days. Will do it today for sure!
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We're not hosting a party this year. Instead we're going to go trick or treating for the first time! I'm going to trade Little S's candy for some non-chocolate ones but I'll let S keep her so she can get her peanut fix outside without little bro around. Maybe we could do a Halloween playgroup instead. Costumes and a craft or something. Low key, no candy. Just a thought.

Don't worry Blue, I figured you were busy. And crazy about Z trying to roll.
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Hey, glad the clothes and shoes are useful.

I just got a boatload of girl things size 3-4 from a church friend so C and C have more choices coming !!

The balloons are great. We were gonna get up early in the morning tomorrw and try to park somewhere to watch without going all the way down. gonna go to mass assension (sounds like the end of the world and we all go to heaven doesnt it?) friday if anyone wants to meet. Eman when are you doing after glow? I need to take my mom to some of the balloon stuff. We went to old town today and amazingly I did not buy any jewelry.

L wants to have a Halloween party here. eek.
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