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We are planning on going tomorrow night.

So I want to move into a yurt in the middle of nowhere. I'm not liking people and places this week.
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dont forget - playgroup at anodynes tomarrow.

i will bring something for a snack...hmmmm

I have a us at 4 - wish me "stones dissolved and that is why it hurts" vibes
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For Halloween, we were planning on having a group trick-or-treat. Anyone is welcome. I just need to know who is coming. I thought I would order pizza and salad from Dions around 5pm, so everyone could have a little real food before candy. Maybe just bring a few dollars per person to stick in the pizza fund? Is that ok? I'm keeping it super low-key since trick or treating is enough excitement for my kids.

Blue - I do want more milk, but I think I'm going to wait a bit. I really want to go down there sometime. I'll let you know when we decide to go. Maybe you'll be ready for some more by then.

We'll try to make it tomorrow to pg. We need to get some book work done beforehand so I'm not positive we'll make it.
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Gee, COMommy, that depends. How good is the candy giving in your neighborhood? jk
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comommy - that works - low key is good for us - esp since i will have school the next day
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Blue, I made that bread and it tastes like a weird combo between yellow cake and corn bread. It's yummy, just weird.

Dh came home early from work because a co-worker told him he was "damaging the productivity" of their work. He's not contagious any more and has a very small cough. Dh was just pissed so he left (he prefers working from home anyway ) but I want him to go in tomorrow and point out to this guy that when he was at work last Tuesday was when he was potentionally damaging their productivity.
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I'll call someone when M wakes up from her nap to see what's going on before heading across the city (don't mind but don't want to get there as people are leaving).
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so mr baby is a total brat. He was sitting here in front of me and he got al all 4 and crawled across the room. Then he noticed me watching him and he got a surprised look on his face - flipped on his back and cried.
What a wierdo.

We are off to the balloon fiasco tomarrow - we will call about playgroup too since my stupid gb and my chitlins are unpredictable.
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We'll miss playgroup since my mom is here we're going to go sightseeing during the day, but will be at the glow tomorrow night. Anything in particular I should know since it's my first time at the Balloon fiesta?
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We're not going to make it today. I have to get a few things done this morning - like buy groceries. Our refrigerator is looking scarily bare. Hopefully we can make it next week.
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We have dry, scratchy throats, sniffles and coughs. So we're going to stay home and be and about it.
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Dh is home from work again so we'll probably make it to playgroup, just a little late.

Feel better KMJ.
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feel better Kermit - I'll keep your water kefir until next pg then.

we will be late a little.
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M is I'll see what time it is when she gets up
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Thanks for hosting Anodyne! DD SO didn't want to leave. She is now going crazy in the other room tossing a ball for the kittens.

asf - thanks for the bag of clothes - it looks like a lot of it will work out perfectly for Z, and the socks will fit him right now! I'm actually thrilled about the socks - none of the newborn ones fit his huge feet, and I really didn't want to have to buy a bunch for him to wear for a couple of months. Thanks!

Emans - thanks for the bunting and other stuff! I think Z can now be a cow for halloween
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Thanks for hosting.

The costume was R's that year, we tried to pass it off as a dalmation (E was a fireman) but it didn't fly.

Oh ASF I figured out the cool pass and food, sorry about the call, D doesn't handle crowds well.
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thanks for hosting anodyne

DD was such a grump about leaving and by the time i was on I40 both kids were snoozing

emans - no problem - glad it got figured out.

blue - most of those socks were worn once since C is a big fat potato foot boy too!

kmj - hope you all gt well

my kids are driving me crazy - we went to bed at midnight. DH got up at 6 and then ds wanted to nurse. WEll then i was awake so i got up to be "productive" - i got 20 minutes into the dishes when dd woke up screaming because no one was in bed with her
i get her out of the room (with ds somehow still asleep) I get her settled and i go downstairs to get some tea and oatmeal and finish the dishes.
As soon as i have the dishes done and my food ready to eat ds wakes up. Of course by this time dd is asleep again
So i nurse ds and get him back to sleep.
He sleeps for oh 3 minutes
my oatmeal is cold as is my tea
i get ds up and he poops - so i change him
i get him cleaned up and happy
i move dd back to our bed so ds doesnt wake her up
she sleeps for 10 minutes then she is up.
now they have both been up an hour.
i am :
these kids are not starting the day off well
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Crazy morning, ASF.

Is there anything I need to know about taking an 8 yo and a 5 yo to the glowdeo by myself? What should I bring? M's headcold is worse than mine and only F has it amongst the four kids, so I'm thinking of taking my oldest two.
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With just the two of them you will be fine Comfy shoes for lots of walking, maybe a light sweater for every one, although I packed everyone sweaters for last night but nobody needed them. Vader was insane, I thought a fight would break out.
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Eat before you go because the food lines are INSANE. Comfy walking shoes are a must.
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