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Spooky October in PDX

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wowsers I get to start a new thread and I didn't have to stay up till midnight!

Sept thread
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Happy October!!!!

My, the days are going by... :

Now I have to think about halloween costumes, eek! Here's one!

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: October is my favorite month!!!

Now to get the shower before eveyone is late.
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Carson wants to be a jedi. I have most of the costume done. Mad keeps changing for princess to princess leia to little mermaid to pirate back to a princess. luckily she has all the costumes for it in her dress up stuff. well except for princess leia hair, I'm in the process of knitting that wig for her.
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Happy October! Yayyy...:

I finally got some office furniture. Had a hellish experience at Office Depot yesterday. They need a different vibe at their store, one that's not so hostile and commissiony.

Anywayyy...I love October! :
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Winter is going to be Elmo, Suriya is going to be Tinkerbell, Kolaiah is going to be a zombie skeleton pirate ( ) and Gabriel is undecided still. Apparently he's almost too cool for Trick or Treating. Sigh.
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Sprogly wants to be Batman. Again. With the same ratty hand-me-down costume from his Cousin Joey. I sort of wish he could be something cool, like a Jedi, but then I suppose it's just as well. It's not like I have time to sit down and whip up a costume for him or anything. Sigh.
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YAY!!! its October!!!!! only 30 days till my anniversary
Addy wants to be many things, Sindel from the ewoks movie, and a princess, and a fairy, and Princess Amidala again (i have a picture wanna see?!) or a shark, lol. she is such a cool kid.
i was thinking of making Niamh a cloud costume with a bunch of bubble wrap over sweathirt and pants. but when she is in the Sachi you cant tell what she is so i dont think it matters that much really.
Morgan will be a star wars guy thingy again, i think its called a twylek. it looks like giant penises coming off his head.

day 5 with headache bordering on migraine. ugh.
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ok, the pic of them dressed up dont they look great?!
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i posted these right before the new thread, and wanted to make sure anyone who could use them saw them, so here they are again! :-)

for anyone with an explosive and/or bright but sensitive child
i came across this article today and just loved it. wish i had read this stuff when my kids were MUCH younger...

its long, but has some really lovely stuff, especially toward the end...


and this one on "gifted" children - as much as i hate that term - and unschooling was really great too..

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Happy October all! September was a looong month for me, i'm glad to see it go.

Is anyone interested in rose bushes? we just moved into our new house and there are probably twenty different rose bushes we would like to part with. they're just not our thing. i'll post an ad on craigslist at some point, but thought i'd offer here first. lemme know.
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what is a good time to dig them up? is fall ok, i thought i was supposed to be spring, but i have no idea, my thumb isnt quite as green as i wish it could be.
but if its ok to dig them up in the fall i might want some. do you know their colors, etc?
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thats a good question... i don't know if fall is good or not. i'll look into it. i'm not sure of all the colors. we definitely have some reds and pinks and yellows...the rest are done blooming so i'm not sure. they have nameplates on them! whoever lived here last really loved their roses!
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The best time to move a rose to make sure it will survive is in the late fall or early spring. Have the new holes ready, water the rose well the day before, then cut the bush down by a half. Dig out as much as you can of the roots near the top, don't be concerned if you can't get the long tap roots then trim any ragged roots ends off. Place a thick six inch mulch all around the base as roses love cool roots and also the new feeder roots won't dry out. Because transplanting will have damaged the feeder roots you will now have to water, water, water as they won't be strong enough to supply any nutrients for at least a month. Even if the canes sag and the new leaves droop, just keep watering as the rose bush may not perk up for a couple of months. Don't give it any fertilizer until half way through the summer as you want new roots to grow not top growth that the frail roots can't support yet. It may also not make any new growth until next spring. If you have to move it when it is growing, then cut ALL the leaves off the bush to put it into a period of dormancy. Roses are capable of putting out three sets of leaves before it effects their vigour. Then follow the above instructions.
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Hi all! Eleanor is always changing her mind about costumes. I think she just wants to dress up. But she will probably either be a lion or a T Rex. I think we will go to the Waldorf school for the Halloween fair, and trick or treat on our block. We are going to do reverse trick or treating this year. Then we will swap out the candy she got for a cool basket from the Halloween fairy. (picking up that idea from Leah)
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ok, come late fall we will be there with shovel in hand
Dani, we do the Candy Fairy.
usually its a swap out for a groovy girl, or accessories, etc. but i like Leahs idea of new toothbrushes, etc.
we might make one with some fruit leathers, a new toothbrush and paste, a coloring book, etc, instead of a groovy girl. she has way too many already.
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Originally Posted by PGNPORTLAND View Post
Oh no. Poor Shawn. Sophia put a ball in her shirt and said "I have a big belly and I am growing a baby and so is Daddy in his big belly".

(We did laugh, though)

Originally Posted by Savmay View Post
Me. AM Northwest in the morning. Feeling nervous after last time and my little coughing snafu... send reinforcements.
Sorry I missed this live (saw the link/video, though). You seem to get better each time And I think EVERYONE can use advice on getting unstuck (I know I can!)

Originally Posted by kaPOW! View Post
Shit, ladies. I'm 31. :
Ahh, to be 31 again

Happy belated birthday!

Originally Posted by Savmay View Post
thanks for the supports sweet mama friends! It was nerve wracking. I always feel like my eyeballs are going to pop out as they are counting down to go LIVE 10, 9, 8... but then once I talk for 30 seconds, I am fine. But at first, yikes. I wish I didn't get so nervous b/c i actually enjoy live speaking and do it often but get so amped up about it... I mean, I gotta get mellowed out for Oprah right?
I think being nervous can be good, esp. if it is a short-time thing like what you have. It keeps you on your toes and helps make sure you are prepared :

Originally Posted by frogger View Post
October! And hubby and I BOTH forgot it was our anniversary today! Actually, it just hadn't occured to us that it was October.

Obviously back from our trip. It went well, except Chase either is allergic to New Mexico in autumn, or he picked up that mild cold that was going around. All snotty and snorgly for most of the trip. Luckily he did fine on the flight home except for the landing. He had fun with Grandma and Grandpa, was a busy little guy most of the time, and my soon-to-be sister-in-law treated me to a spa treatment and a MIL-free morning. We are looking forward to going back with a little more independence (and time) for BIL's wedding in July.

This morning was crazy though. We sold DH's car Friday night, so it was our first work day with one car. And there was no food in the house. Took DH to work, stopped at Starbuck's for breakfast, then took Chase to the dentist, stopped on the way home to pick up the dog from the doggie hotel, unpacked, unloaded the dishes and started some laundry. Whew!

Anyone (Beth!) have a good recipe for tomato sauce to freeze? Looks like my roma-type tomatoes are finally ripening...all at once!
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Originally Posted by PGNPORTLAND View Post
Ugh. Some things are feeling very hard to me right now. Not things with Shawn, that is going well, (for a change ) just some stuff I can't really talk about here.

I would just like to feel a little lighter in my heart right now.
I'm just seeing this. Hope you are feeling a bit better?

Originally Posted by RainbowEarthFaerie View Post

I just found out from Lucky that if he is still having too much pain after his "Restricted Duty for One Month" is up, then they're going to let him go!!! He's been at the company for 10 years! His orthopedist can't find anything wrong with him. We think he's got fibromyalgia, but he can't find a doctor that knows anything about it. I don't know what we'll do if he loses his job. :
I know Adrienne already touched on the idea, but is he eligible for OFLA/FMLA? He has for sure been there long enough, so it would depend upon how many employees work for the company and how many hours he works.

Originally Posted by SleepyMamaBear View Post
aaaag! its happening again.
Morgan came home and walked in the door thern collapsed.
we got him some water, a cold washcloth, we didnt pass out, but he just couldnt go. his hands were ice cold and numb. its anxiety.
from the damn heartburn,
thats caused by the gerd
that was caused by the anxiety meds
for the anxiety
caused by his heart anyeurism
that they still havent gotten back to him about!!!
he has an apt on the 8th for the genetics diseases heart specialist. that was made two months ago, it was the soonest they could get him in.
i am really freaking frustrated about this.
there is also a pattern to this.
it seems if i am really sick and need help, like having a migraine, like i have today, thats when he suddenly gets the anxiety.
i dont think he causes it on purpose but i sure know he isnt, and refuses to do anything to prevent this or help himself cope with this.
i love my husband, but this is slowly tearing our lives apart. we had house guests when he came in and collapsed. it happened infront of the kids, and my brother, all who freaked out. i told him next time something like this happens and he doesnt have the cell, to just honk the horn and someone will come out and help him, cause i really feel like the kids, and my brother, dont need to be exposed to this extra stress. its bad enough that he is constantly saying "i hurt, i'm sick, i dont feel good, i'm in pain" etc, and when he isnt, he is yelling at Addy, or me, or the dogs, etc. i have LOST my husband. he is not the man i married at all. and he refuses to get help to get back to living a functioning life.
Tiff. I know the feeling of living with a partner you feel you have lost.

Originally Posted by kaPOW! View Post
Shit, ladies. I'm 31. :
Happy late birthday!

Originally Posted by Savmay View Post
Thanks hon, hope you feel better real soon.

Here is a link for anyone interested: http://www.katu.com/amnw/segments/29886739.html
Quoting so I can watch at home

Originally Posted by lylawolf View Post
i came across this article today and just loved it. wish i had read this stuff when my kids were MUCH younger...

its long, but has some really lovely stuff, especially toward the end...


and this one on "gifted" children - as much as i hate that term - and unschooling was really great too..

As always, they are wonderful. Thanks for sharing

And I swear I quoted Jill too but Happy late birthday, Jill!
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