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Thursdays are my only day during the week where the ONLY THING I have to do is take Elizabeth to and pick her up from school. So I can actually get stuff done between 9 and 3.

I guess that means.. I better go clean the kitchen and family room. If I am lucky I might even get to the clean laundry that is piled up and needs folded. I need a Rosie.. from the Jetsons.
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oh Sara, so sorry bout Nicos tummy. : the burping could just be from eating too fast, talking while eating, etc. it happens to Addy too when she is bouncy during meals, so like, everytime she eats. i'm so sorry he is puking bile. poor guy. sending love and light.

Nicole, have you seen Lyla already? if they clip it her latch should improve dramatically. sending positive vibes your way too.

Niamh is going through some sort of new seperation anxiety. i cant put her down for even a second to take my meds without her disolving into hysterics, but then she will randomly squirm away from me and go try to roam the house.
she is so fickle.
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I just got my new computer. It's so tiny. It makes my poor old one look like a frump, and it's only a year and a half old.

It's a pretty day...I like the first gray days.
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ooooh, enjoy your 'puter-moon!
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cross post

update on my sister if anyone is interested... she is the one I posted about with the pkd and preeclampsia.

Please pray or say good thoughts for my sister... she has been sent to the hospital. Things are not looking good.

Thanks all,
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Originally Posted by aniT View Post
I have used it for chocolate chip cookies and DH loves it. I think they were a bit too sweet. I don't know how it would work in peanut butter cookies. However I always use shortening in cookies.

And Ugg.. The train has been JUST late enough all week that DH has missed his 6.00pm bus from Gresham to Sandy all week.. Now he is getting home at 7 rather than 6:30. When the kids get ready for bed at 8 this is a big deal. :
me too, only kiddo actually goes up to start at 7, and just misses daddy
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Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital View Post
Yesterday was awful, just plain awful. Apparently the owner of my apartment complex is tired of people being behind on their rent. We have 25 tenants here. He handed out 10 eviction notices, most of them to people my husband, children and I have become quite close to in the last 3 years we've lived here. They're all 20 day notices, but my heart is just aching for all of these families. There's one family that has lived here for 10 years and they are literally facing homelessness because of the lack of affordable housing available right now. Oh I am just so sad to possibly be losing so many of my neighbors and friends.

Originally Posted by SleepyMamaBear View Post
she takes a b complex and b-12 on her own along with ginko. she is just... gone. has had many neuro appts, MRIs etc (3 of her sibs have MS! so they want to check her regularly) they keep saying NOTHING is wrong with her brain. unfortunately she cant remember ANYTHING.
check and see if her sublinguals are methylcobalimin not cynocobalimin (prolly misspelled them both but you get the gist). Some people (like me) have trouble converting the cyno to the methyl and that is the kind your brain actually needs. Also adenocobalmin (another form of B12) helps the brain. Some people even think many cases of MS are just a B12 problem b/c after long enough, it has all the same symptoms including brain lesions. I know too much about this right now as I am suffering from B12 related symptoms. I am on the thread that you might check out for more info:
be sure to read all the signs and symptoms of B12 related disorders. It boggles the mind. Literally!
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what about paper towels, that is what i do... easier than wrap.

Originally Posted by SleepyMamaBear View Post
Hey Kristin!!! wow thats kind of scary about the chandalier! i think my heart would stop if i saw that.
wish we could get back to game night sooner rather than later.

Eliza, thats great about Lucky getting in so fast i hope things work out. i might have to see her next, cause with the way i feel, and what i have been reading about fibromyalgia it all makes sense now.
call me anytime, k?

so my mom has like... NO memory, NONE. its actually getting kind of scary and my sister and i have talked about it on the sly, looking for signs of alzheimers(sp?). well it seems that every few days she puts something in the microwave to cook, covers it with plastic wrap then tries to serve it with dinner, something i am SO not comfortable feeding my family.
it happend three times this week, me getting increasingly more and more upset each time it happened, having the "it causes cancer!!!" talk with her each time and pleading her not to do it anymore. so i was proactive and made a sign, taped it to the microwave "NO plastic in the microwave please, it causes cancer"
so what does she do for dinner tonight? (we trade cooking days and dishes days) she microwaves a bag of rice and veggies in the freezer bag it was bought in. just poked a few holes in it and called it good.
omg i am ready to lose my cool.
we talked about it YESTERDAY. and the day before, and the day before that. and i made a freaking sign!!!!!
her resonse "well how am i supposed to heat things up then?"
"well you could empty it into a pot and cook it on the stove, or in the oven, depending on the product, OR if you really need to microwave it for time constraints, put it in a bowl, cover the bowl with a plate and nuke it, no plastic.
"well can i put it in the tupperware???" NO!!!!!!
aggg. i swear she is losing all her marbles one by one.
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Well that was fun while it lasted, Nico is already better! A little 6 hour sickness, go figure. : He's eaten, hydrated, and just a little more cuddly than usual.
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anyone in the portland area have a car seat bag I can borrow for the trip to texas next week? Or a good idea of where to buy one affordably? Last time we just wrapped in plastic bag but I want to make sure it is easier to lug around this time...
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Well, that was short-lived. I bought the wrong kind of computer. More waiting.
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Happy october! in honor of the new month, my hard drive crashed and yesterday was officially the worst day ever! I'm stealing celeste's computer now.. and am hopefully getting mine fixed today. so... forgive my not reading. see y'all on the flipside!

PS. Happy Belated Birthday, LEE!!
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I think I want to do another playdate........... next month maybe. Remember when we all used to get together and let the kids play?? Ahhhh memories. I am feeling nostalgic. The grey weather does that to me.....makes me all nostalgic and lovey.

: : : : : : : :

I love you guys.

I do.

Yes, even you.
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Originally Posted by forsythia View Post
thanks! latch issues, tied tongue, I'm nervous though...
please update?!
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Originally Posted by Joi View Post
I think I want to do another playdate........... next month maybe. Remember when we all used to get together and lets the kids play?? Ahhhh memories. I am feeling nostalgic. They grey weather does that to me.....makes me all nostalgic and lovey.

: : : : : : : :

I love you guys.

I do.

Yes, even you.
Even me? I'm a working mama and never get to go to playdates anymore .

Anybody want to get together on a Friday? Probably not. Oh well.
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i am sooooooooo far behind. haven't been on in days and only read this page

i have a carseat bag you could use savannah. it has a shoulder strap for easier wrestling

going to read more while i procrastinate the work i should be doing because my baby is sleeping and my nanny called in sick today
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Originally Posted by Joi View Post
I think I want to do another playdate........... next month maybe. Remember when we all used to get together and let the kids play?? Ahhhh memories. I am feeling nostalgic. The grey weather does that to me.....makes me all nostalgic and lovey.

: : : : : : : :

I love you guys.

I do.

Yes, even you.
I had a great time at your playdate. It was everything a playdate should be. Casual, unpretentious, on a busline . . . Count me in
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Oh, great. I just got a newsy little email from the VFS, and hidden in it is this little remark:

Please remember that Monday mornings are late starts. School begins at 10:00am on Mondays, before that time there will be no staff or EDP volunteers available to supervise students. If you need to drop your student off before 10am on Mondays please make arrangements with other parents. Thanks!
WTF? There so much "Oh, BTW" crap I get to deal with with this place! Am I the only person with a kid in this school who has to work? "Make arrangements with other parents." Well, that's been a flaming success for me already (not). Oh, yeah, no big deal, I'll just rustle up some more child care, Oh, BY the F*CKING WAY.

I want to be one of those parents who doesn't have to deal with crap like this. Yeah, we'll just SLEEP IN Monday morning! So what if I don't keep my job! Sorry. I just needed to rant.

Oh, yeah. And there's two days next week with no school. That snuck up on me, too. Eh. Sorry. Back to work.
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Beth, have you looked at any of the public schools around where you are? Portland does have some good charter schools. It just doesn't sound like the pieces are all fitting at VFS.
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thanks for the link Sav. i will ask her what kind she takes.
they are SURE all of my uncles and my aunt who have MS actually have MS. infact they started with b12 therapy first with no improvement, and moved on with more testing from there.
its really scary to me. i know they say that MS isnt genetic, but i am starting to think maybe it is. really the only common denominator they all have is their parents, they all lead drastically different lives. and now my mom shows certain signs. and it scares me.
plus with Morgans mom having Huntingtons and dying from it, knowing that IS genetic, man my kids might be royally screwed.

oh beth, that bites. do you have backup care?
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