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Late pictures

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I know I promised pictures a while ago (like, um, 2 months ago...), so here they are:

1 day old:

Baby and big brother:

2 months old:

Angry baby:
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Soooo cute! I am loving the angry one!! LOL
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on the angry baby one! I have been meaning to get a picture of DD's sad face. She totally turns her lips down and turns red in the face. I feel so bad for her yet it is so funny.
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He was all fine and happy about 5 seconds before I took the picture, then he urped a little and I think it hurt his throat (I think he has a little bit of reflux) so he started screaming at me. I quick snapped the pic and gave him a boob and then he was all happy again, but the angry picture is so much cuter.
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So cute!
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Oh my, he is adorable! I love the 2 months old picture. What a great smile!
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Aw...what a beautiful baby!!!

He is just gorgeous!!

I am afraid I love the angry faces too. : "Aw..he got out his angry eyes!!!"

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