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October already! What's for dinner?

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Hello, hello! October's here! Can you believe it?

What's for dinner?
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Last night (which wasn't October yet, but oh well) we had lemon garlic pork tenderloin, steamed fresh corn on the cob, green salad, and garlic rolls. I'm still tasting garlic today! :

Tonight we're having chicken fried rice & green beans.
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I think I missed all of September!
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We're going to my mom's and having a sausage and rice casserole tonight.
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Baked Ziti with Vegetables and Mushrooms. We do this one often, and add/sub veggies we have on hand. Tonight we'll add zucchini to the veggies already called for, since we're still pulling them out of the garden!
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HOmemade multi grain butter/brown sugar rolls, maple glazed baked carrots and some kind of pounded, stuffed, rolled up chicken. Probably mushroom
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Beef casserole with squash, sweetcorn and beans (and a heckuva lot of paprika), served with garlic mashed potatoes and cabbage, and apple pie
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Tonight is chicken cacciatore with crisped polenta and a salad. :

Breakfast this morning was a quiche made from leftover rice, diced bell peppers and onions and a hefty dose of cheese. DS requested it again for lunch, so that's probably what we'll have, since I'm lazy.
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Last night we had Almond Lemon Chicken served over rice with peas. Tonight we're staying simple and having grilled turkey burgers with a cucumber and tomato side salad.
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We had awesome homemade french onion soup on Monday, and last night I made some baked western style ribs. They turned out awesome! A big hit with our guests.
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Tonight was SUPPOSED to be Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Thighs. SUPPOSED to be. However, teh chicken had been in the freezer in the original packaging since May. (Deep-freeze). My mom said, "Yuck!"

So, instead, we just had bacon adn eggs. YUM!

Mrs B
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Broiled salmon w/herbs, roasted cauliflower w/oil, garlic, lemon & pecorino romano, & baked sweet potatoes. Thu cauliflower was a hit!
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Originally Posted by wife&mommy View Post
I think I missed all of September!
Me too, or nearly all of it anyway!
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Mmm...tonight is the official first beef stew of autumn night. I'm so excited :. Hoping to get it started ASAP so it can simmer all day. I also just pulled a great loaf of sourdough bread out of the oven to go with it.
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We didn't go to my mom's last night and ended up having pizza. Tonight we are going there.
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last night we had sloppy joes, raw carrots and homemade appelsauce.
tonight i can't decide yet, maybe from scratch macaroni and cheese with tuna and peas casserole or maybe homemade pizza w/fresh mozarella or maybe butternut squash and swiss cheese bake... i can't decide.

this am we had irish oatmeal that was soaked overnight in water and whey and spiced up this am with cinnomon, cream and lots of maple syrup.
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Last night we had roast chicken with mashed potatoes and broccoli.
Today I'm going to boil the carcass to make stock and then make chicken and dumplings.
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chili with homegrown tomatoes and turkey, oh and dd is making biscuits.
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Tonight I'm defrosting some homemade spaghetti sauce I have in the freezer and serving that over spinach pasta. I'm thinking about making some fresh bread to use for garlic bread.
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Tonight I'm making Shepherd's pie with lamb and sweet potatoes... we'll see how that experiment turns out...
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