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completely overwhelmed

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i am having a rough day and it hasn't even started. with the 6 month old teething and the toddler jumping on my in my already minimal sleep I just feel over the edge today....with 9 hours alone w/ them, I just don't know what to do!!
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I'm sorry your patience is being tried this early in the day. I hope things get better...
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I have definitely btdt. There have been days when all three of us were sitting on the floor crying and I was counting minutes until dh got home.

Is a video for the toddler while the baby naps an option for you? I have done this sometimes on tough days - doesn't get me any more sleep, but it does give me a few minutes to myself, which can help me recharge enough to get through the rest of the day.

Other than that, I try to just prioritize to the max on tough days. I figure at the end of the day if the kids are clean and fed, I have done a decent job, and tomorrow is another chance.

I hope your day gets better.
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Days Like That

We've definitely had days like this... and we do much the same as Dena...

Our kids don't watch much tv, but we haul out the videos on bad days when the distraction benefits us all.

Sometimes, on bad days I just forget about the house. We sit on the coach and read, or do puzzles at the coffee table... even in an exhausted haze I can still manage toddler puzzles.
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sometimes a bath was the answer for us.

i would take my toddler and infant and we would all sit in a very warm bath-it was very relaxing for everyone!
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This is how my day was yesterday. I find getting outside even for a short walk helps me a lot and really helps DS1. He's almost always better after some time outside. Hope your day is going better.
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