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Saliva Ferning ?'s

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I bought this microscope to try out saliva ferning.....QuickSwitch Microscope

I'm starting to think it was a waste of $ and i already threw away the box., i do still have the recipt though.

I got a + opk and the saliva from this morning doesn't show any ferning when comparing it to pictures i've seen online.
It has 300x,600x 900x

Did i waste $ or should i try using afternoon saliva ?

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I use a different saliva microscope (Fertile Focus) but I've found my very best, and consistent, results using morning saliva. I usually can't test immediately after waking because my mouth is dryer from sleeping, so I wait a bit. I also use saliva from under my tongue so I get the "fresh" saliva. I usually only see slight-to-partial ferning from about 9dpo - 13dpo, full ferning from 14dpo-16dpo, after which I ovulate and then I rarely see any until maybe right before AF arrives.

In my case (I have a 30-day cycle, 14-day LP), I don't see ferning when I'm actually ovulating. The spike usually happens a day or two before ovulation, although some people fern right through ovulation. So I use my CM as a guide, too. Once my ferning gets strong, I know fertile CM is coming, so we start BDing right on through the fertile CM days.

So don't be too concerned if you don't see ferning right now. I would use it consistently each morning, charting what you see, and if you're unsuccessful TTC this month, try it again next month starting with CD1. If you just don't see changes, then you may not be producing enough estrogen to show it up in saliva. (?)

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