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What to do with outgrown embroidered onesies?

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I've been embroidering onesies for my DD, and she's already outgrown one size and is about to outgrow another. It kills me to just stuff them in a drawer when I put so much time and love into them -- how could I use them in another way?

I'm thinking a quilt or something (although this embroidery is the only sewing I've ever done in my life, so quilting might be a little out of my league), but can you make a quilt using onesie material? It's so thin, soft, and stretchy -- it seems like all the quilts I've seen are made from woven fabric.

Any other ideas for how to reuse them?
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You could absolutely make a quilt out of them, you would just want to use something to stiffen up the soft knit of the onsie, like iron-on interfacing. You could also sew the embroidered bits onto an inexpensive muslin, and use that to quilt with. I could also picture a couple of cute little onsies appliqued right onto a quilt, that might look really cute too.
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I have 2 ideas.

1. Cut off the onesies buttons and turn them into T-shirts and they will fit for longer.

2. Cut out the embroidered part and sew it on a different colored shirt or dress, using some cool embroidered design around the edges.
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I tend to cut the bottoms off and make shirts.. i serge the bottoms
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Cut around the design (lovely lovely btw!!) and frame them! Hang them in her room or in the hall or anywhere, they are so sweet!
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I like the frame idea and the quilt idea. Be sure to iron on interfacing to the entire thing before sewing, cause the onesies are so stretchie, that will help stabalize them.
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Are the onesies just too short on her now? Do the sleeves/shoulders still fit? I saw cute dresses made with a onesie top and a cute print skirt sewn on the bottom. Adorable. Hoping for a girl so I can sew like crazy for her!
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I would carefully cut out the design and then applique it onto a larger shirt.
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Not a very exciting idea- but One Step Ahead has these onesie extender things that make the onesie last up to 6 months past the size that it is for. It is just a piece of fabric that snaps onto the snaps inbetween the legs of the onesie to make it longer. It doesnt look that great, but you can always put pants or shorts on over it to hide it. The great thing about them is that you can keep resusing them until your child is out of onesies. We used onesies on our son in some capacity until he was 2 1/2.
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Thanks for the ideas! The batch of onesies I linked a picture to are actually too tight around her torso, so I couldn't make them into t-shirts or use onesie extenders (although I love the idea of turning them into dresses -- I'll have to remember that for the future!).

I love the idea of cutting out the shapes and sewing them onto other articles of clothing. I actually saw something like that the other day -- 3 flowers were sewn (appliqued? I don't know the difference) onto the hip/side of a onesie, and then green stems were embroidered directly onto the onesie -- something like that would work perfectly for the floral onesie in my picture. Thanks so much for the suggestion!
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