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When I was young (like middle school) I had an obsession with twin research.

After my first baby I said I would never wish twins on anyone. I guess I saw how hard it was with one (she's my high-needs one and I didn't know it). And I said that if it did happen to me I'd deal with it. I knew twin pregnancy, birth, etc had its issues.

Well twins did happen to us and it has been the most amazing experience that I would wish on anyone!
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Totally lurking here in this forum and thread But thought Id add my story.

I am 9wks pregnant with my third and ever since the beginning I have been having twins thoughts, I just couldn't get them out of my head. There was no reason for thinking about them as there wasn't anything going on yet to make me suspect them. However here I am 9wks later and am dying to find out if there really are two in there.

I got a very dark line at only 2 days past implantation. Then the gas,. bloating and awful morning sickness hit which has just recently let up the past couple of days. I wasn't sick at all with my first two so this was odd for me. Add in the extreme sleepyness sleeping 12 hrs a night and a uterus that to me feels way higher than normal and my brain is now spinning with what ifs!

I guess any one of these things in an of itself is normal but all together and so extreme really has me wondering.
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Add me to the twins maybe list. Yikes!! I am 10 wks and I just found my fundus *at* my belly button. Measuring 19 cm. I am very concerned becauser my last pregnancy was twin with one lost at approx 7 wks. So I know my body is capable of making twins. This would not be good news for me so I am hoping my body is just blossoming early.:

I hope you all get the results you want I am more than willing to send good twin vibes : to you all.
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I forgot to add I have an apt on friday w/ ultrasound so will be put out of my misery soon.
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Add me to the 'maybe twins' list. I thought from very early on that it was twins. Whenever I thought/said anything about the baby, my brain always made it plural after. It went away around 12 weeks & I figured that maybe it had been twins & I'd lost one. I'm really, really wondering again now, though. And I have to wait almost 3 more weeks for an ultrasound.

Things that are making me think twins: feeling movement that seems to be in two places at once. Movement is still pretty faint at this point, though, I could be imagining it, right? Using the fetoscope & on several different occasions, getting what seems to be a heartbeat on either side of belly. Could be mishearing/mistaken. The new one is that I'm having trouble breathing when I'm sitting already. I sometimes get it in the last few weeks, but never this early. I feel like my lungs are being compressed by my uterus.

H has been adamant that I not mention the possibilty of twins to him. He panicks & he's been telling me all along that there's only one. Tonight he was actually looking at my belly earlier (instead of just kind of glancing) & told me I was huge & I'd never be able to hide if from my mom. Later on, he told me we'd better pick 2 names, since it was looking like it might be twins.

I've had my usual no morning sickness, no weight gain. I haven't had hcg tested, the pregnancy tests were never super dark (actually pretty faint).

I just hope all this stuff I think points to twins is my imagination (well, obviously the not being able to breathe thing isn't imaginary). My whole life I wanted twin girls. Then I had ds1, who was extremely high needs, discovered AP & decided that I didn't think I could parent 2 babies the way I want to parent. My kids are fascinated by the idea of twins. My oldest has been suggesting I give him twin sisters since shortly after ds2 was born & he's been very adamant since I got pregnant, now ds2 is getting into it too.

Guess I just keep waiting & wondering until the 19th.
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These are my first babies, so I don't have a singleton pregnancy to compare it to. However, my hcg levels were incredibly high while I had them monitored. I think the bigger indicator for me, though, was that they were doubling much quicker than normal - every 30ish hours most of the time.

I found out for sure when I had an u/s at 7 weeks. :
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