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Sept 04 mamas - end of 2008 thread!

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That seems monumental, to say that this is the thread for the rest of the year but it is!!

All mamas of children born in Sept 04 are welcome here!
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Well done Jen... it was time.

How goes the pregnancy?
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I just got done laying bed with Jaden. I was reading one of the stories on the homepage of Mothering about the 20 year old who wanted her mom and the mom was reminiscing of when her daughter was a 4 year old fairy girl...Ah, stories like that bring tears to my eyes to think one day my little girl will be a woman.

Jaden's got preschool tomorrow and hopefully this baby will come soon. We are all very excited to see what it will be and Jaden is really hoping for a sister.
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Carrie, I know, DH and I have just been talking about this -- how fast Thor is growing up now. DH had a moment a couple days ago when he was cutting Thor's toenails and he came back downstairs and he was like, "Thor's feet are HUGE! They're not little kid feet anymore!" And since then he's been kind of nostalgic and very concerned about spending time with him. It does seem like our 4 year olds are at that point where all of a sudden the years fly by, and they'll be 10, and then 15 (and then things will slow down a bit) and they'll be 20!!

Thor had a bit of a hard day at preschool yesterday -- was very clingy when I dropped him off and then cried a bit in the morning. I think the honeymoon period is over and he is a bit wary about it now. I hope that it doesn't get worse -- I just hate leaving him when he is sad/lonely/uncomfortable. He also only goes 2 days a week, so I wonder if it isn't enough for him to get into a routine?
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They are growing up fast aren't they? And L is pretty bummed about being an only child so far. (doesn't look like we'll be adding to our family yet or maybe not at all). So we really are charged with filling in the gap of no one to play with here at the house. L has also turned into a "know it all" YIKES... It's so funny how he just is so sure that he has the answer, and is not to be challenged.

I am frustrated with our HOA... in that they seem to be bullying us and threatening to fine us and/or put a lien on our house if we don't pay up... And all we did is postpone tree planting from July until September. It's really a complicated story, but I don't want to pay as we are not making any money and are actually going in debt each day by just even buying groceries. Anyways, my dh thinks we should just pay and get it over with. I'm too stubborn to think we need to pay.

Other than that yesterday was a busy day... I baked a carrot cake from scratch, painted the front porch, babysat the neighbor girl, and got dinner for dh's aunt & grandparents. Today I'm hoping to be a little more low-key.

Hope you're all well.
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....forgot to subscribe...
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I love hearing about all you pregnant mamas! I miss those days, but I can honestly say I am done and glad to not be there right now. But whenever I see a pregnant mama, I get a bit nostalgic. There is a pregnant mom at Zeke's preschool who was freaking out the other day on our field trip to the orchard. She was yelling at her three year old boy to "get out of the long grass! There are bugs there! and snakes! Get out! Get out!" Oy vey! That poor mama is very stressed out! I felt so bad for the boy. He already has a rep as being a bit difficult, and I couldn't help thinking that she must not let him outside at all! He is probably so craving outdoor sensory experiences. What's gonna happen when that new baby is born? Hope she can find a way to relieve some of the stress.

We are all doing well. I follow all the posts but rarely have the time or energy to post one of my own! Zeke has started a 3 y/o program 2 days a week. He is pretty immature and I just felt this was the right place for him. He seems to be doing well, but does get weepy when I leave. They say he perks right up after I am gone. It is a bit heart breaking! When I pick him up, he is happy as can be, so I guess it is all going well.

He has three imaginary friends, Lap, Andrew and Eric. I swear Lap derives from sitting on my lap -- something he loves to do but I think he has sensed that he is growing out of it. Owen and Zoey don't do it. He doesn't see his friends doing it. So Lap is his security and has become the one who does all the bad things Zeke wants to do, but knows he shouldn't. He also does the things Zeke would like to but is to afraid of, like fight of dinosaurs and bad guys. It's all pretty hilarious. So last week a boy at Owen and Zoey's school died in an ATV accident. It was very heartbreaking. We discussed it at home and Zoey and I had some tears over it. That night, Zeke told us that Lap and Andrew and Eric went to fight a dinosaur, and they died. He told this literally hour-long story. In the end, Lap's friend, Jumbo Lap came and is now Zeke's friend. What a mind that kid has!

I decided to go off my diet and try split-pea soup this week. It did not go well. I have been feeling so yucky since. I really thought it would be okay. I have been going to an acupuncturist and she didn't feel I was allergic to legeumes. So I tried and within 15 minutes, I was feeling awful, and now days later am still not right. I am hoping it will clear quickly. Other than that, the diet was going well and I was feeling pretty good.

Looking forward to reading more from everyone!

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so glad the diet is working well.... wow, that pea soup really proved it!
how are you all fairing up north?
We've already got our woodstove fired up, have four cords of wood and are collecting masses of kindling (we need it, we have a tiny stove that needs restarting a lot). I love the fire.... and with fuel oil the way it is, I better love keeping it going!

I'm down to NYC to help my mom have a hip replacement. It's the first time I've left the kids (lulu's four, obviously, and Gingy is two). I am really worried about how it will impact them. I remember Lulu had a hard time at two when I was in the hosp. for a few days having gingy. ANd she was visiting me....

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Liz -- I'm so jealous of your woodstove. I've been smelling woodsmoke in the air and so wishing we had one. In the house we're renting they just took the woodstove out before we moved in and now they're going to replace it with a propane or a pellet stove.

Kristin -- Glad your diet is going well!! Yeah, at this point I'm fairly glad that this is my last pregnancy.

I'm not *that* uncomfortable, really, but it's enough so that I am going to be so glad when I'm not pregnant. I'm nearly 37 weeks, and very much hoping baby is born within 2 weeks, but that's probably too much to wish for! I'll probably go to 40 weeks, which would be Halloween. A friend of mine here just had a hba2c and it went well, except it was 30 hours of active labor and 4 hours of pushing. Please, universe, let mine be a bit less!
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Any babies yet?
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Just subbing, in case the slow pace of the thread allows me to keep up.
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Originally Posted by AugustineM View Post
Liz -- I'm so jealous of your woodstove. I've been smelling woodsmoke in the air and so wishing we had one. In the house we're renting they just took the woodstove out before we moved in and now they're going to replace it with a propane or a pellet stove.
I know... there is something so self-sufficient and earthy about a real woodstove. i think pellet stoves (especially if there is a little glass window to watch the fire...) are really nice tho kind of canned. But on a cold day.... hey even a propane stove is super nice. And pellets and propane are a lot cleaner and easier than wood!

i read recently that even a pellet stove is fifty percent cheaper than heating by oil or gas.

so there is that too!

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Yes, I am hoping that they put in a pellet stove. I think I'll call them and request it, actually.

I know that janasmama had her baby -- I regularly lurk the Oct DDC! :
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Congrats Janasmama!!! I'll head over to read more... :::

She had a little girl - Annalise. From her pictures, it looks like a lovely home waterbirth! Congrats again!

Soooo.....I just got my first PP period (Eli is now 19 months, and weaned as of last friday). I'm using the diva cup for the firt time - and feeling it. Feeling very aware of the tail, and poked by it. Any other Diva cup users? do you just get used to it?

Kristen - I'm so glad that the diet seems to be making such a big difference. All my good vibes your way!\\

By the way, there's a pretty good chance Eli is our last, and I'm so sad that he's weaned. He was only asking at nap and bedtime, and clint is putting him to bed as much as 5-6 nights a week, and sometimes he naps for the sitter when I'm on my way home from work. With my cycle returning and thrush, it had become unbearably painful to nurse - but I still wasn't ready for him to stop asking. He seems so big, and still like a baby at the same time. I just wish I knew that it was the lst time when he last nursed. I would have treasured it. I'm all teary when I think about it.
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becca, you either have to get the cup in a little further or trim off a tiny bit of the tail. I was feeling it too, at first, and found that it just needed one more twist and a bit of a shove further up and then I was fine.

Isn't it amazing how emotional nursing can make us? Maybe he's not done asking... wait and see I guess. Hope that thrush is gone!

No baby on the outside here. Just a kicky little fella inside.
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Originally Posted by Yo Becca View Post
I just wish I knew that it was the lst time when he last nursed. I would have treasured it. I'm all teary when I think about it.
I had the same "missed" experience w/Gingy. I planned to do it a certain day, our last nurse, and she stopped a few days ahead. I really regretted that I didn't know that it would be our last nurse ever together. And my last nurse of any baby EVER. SNIFF!!!!!!

With Lulu, we picked a night and I knew it was the last time.

Both girls made it to a year and a half. I was so glad, with each, when it was over. But now with some distance, I do miss that easy, perfect closeness, that ability to so deeply satisfy them.

But today, at a wedding, gingy, who is two years, fell asleep in my arms during a wedding. I shifted her to lying down in my lap, just like she used to do when she nursed. It was wonderful. We haven't had that prolonged snuggle time in six months. I treasure it.

We've gotten to the point that we can put both girls down (lying across a queen sized futon, instead of regular way) and they sleep together. I was away helping my mom getting a hip replacement and my husband started it. It's wonderfuL! they co-sleep w/one another. Until now my DH has slept w/gingy, and me with Lulu.

But like with the nursing, and the weaning, I wonder if this new sleep arrangement that seems so liberating is actually a loss of our bond.

last night I ended up sleeping between them. I slept better than just on some big old bed all by myself! (my dh snores so can't sleep w/him).


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Ah, thanks for keeping up w/ me guys. i feel so special.

we're adjusting really well and jaden must say that she loves her baby sis like a million times a day. Annie seems to really like her a lot too.
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Congrats again, Carrie!! How exciting. I'm both very anxious and ready to birth, but also consciously trying to not think about it too much and be patient. It's a weird stage to be in!

I'm a bit sad that Anna isn't nursing anymore, either, but she was almost 2 when she weaned and was so ready to. She didn't even understand how to latch anymore, since I was pregnant and had no milk. But I can definitely understand the feeling of the loss of that bond. Now I'm looking forward to nursing a newborn again, but almost wondering what it will be like, since it seems like it was so long ago that anna was a newborn.

I uploaded a few new pictures on my facebook profile if anyone wants to check out my pregnant belly and some good pics of Thor and Anna.
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Good Pix ashley - I friended you. Thor looks so big now! You guys are so bundled up. It's in the mid-80's this week - we're in short sleeves here.
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It was 39 when we woke up today. Mmmmm, wool sweaters.
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